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Quick Tips to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

You’ve just finished your final set at the gym, and you’re feeling super. Sweat is pouring down the sides of your face, and the veins in your arms are throbbing with adrenaline. That feeling of a good session provides an impetus for further training in the coming days. You’re excited and can’t wait to head back in again.

'The amount of muscle mass that is active during exercise directly correlates with the testosterone response' 

Not only this, but the intensity and length of a workout is also linked to the reaction of testosterone in the body. For example, running is more likely to produce higher levels of testosterone compared to jogging, as more muscles are active and it involves a higher intensity level.

"Sprinting can boost your testosterone"
"Sprinting can boost your testosterone"

Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in the body that is made at an increased rate during puberty and helps in increasing lean body mass, bone density, and overall good health in a man (Source: Wikipedia). So what happens when testosterone levels are lower than usual? A variety of health problems could occur including low sex drive, low muscle mass, chance of erectile dysfunction, easy weight gain, and even osteoporosis. 

Some men looking to boost their testosterone levels use capsules, meal supplements and even injections, spending thousands of pounds every year. An online healthcare provider has provided us with a list of some simple exercises aimed at boosting your testosterone level without having to spend money on a product.

"Lift heavier weights"
"Lift heavier weights"

1. Interval Sprints 

Various studies have shown that sprinting can boost your testosterone levels. Several interval sprints on the treadmill after a weight workout or even in the park, garden, or to the shop can provide optimal results in the long term. 

2. Increase Rest Periods 

Clinical studies have shown that short resting periods have a negative effect on testosterone boosting activities and can add overall stress to the body. It is suggested that longer rest periods between activities (around 120 seconds) are proven to be more beneficial for building testosterone levels. Logically this makes sense, as the shorter your recovery period is, the less weight you will be able to lift. Maximise your time when exercising, by stretching and alternating activities to rest used muscles effectively.

"Squats and lunges, will provide better results"
"Squats and lunges, will provide better results"

3. Dodge Chronic Cardio 

Endurance sports such as cycling have been said to lower overall testosterone levels, compared with men who lift weights. Researchers have suggested that low levels of testosterone is usually an adaptation for endurance athletes such as runners, this makes sense, as any extra muscle mass from increased testosterone would probably slow them down. 

4. Lift Heavy Weights 

Doing a high number of reps whilst lifting low weights can boost your testosterone. Lifting heavier weights and doing low reps provides a marginally better testosterone increase. Exercises such as squats, bench presses or deadlifts close to your 1RM (one repetition maximum) would be ideal. Doing these about 2-3 times a week should produce some positive results.

"Do as many reps as possible"
"Do as many reps as possible"

5. Increase Your Leg Sessions 

It is very tempting for men to focus solely on building the upper half of the body such as chest and arms. It is said however, that multi-joint exercises included in the workout, such as squats and lunges, will provide better results. 

6. Forced Reps 

When performing a weight lifting exercise, it is suggested to do as many reps as possible, and then have a ‘spotter’ assist you with the last few reps. Studies have shown that this kind of forced set generates more testosterone compared to going at it alone. Whilst it’s not advice to perform all your workout sets in this manner, you could do your last sets using this ‘forced’ method.


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