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Photography by Craig Landale

BOSS Orange New York Watch

In true spirit of this new BOSS Orange collection, we set out to test the new New York model and portray its laid-back and spontaneous style. On first glance of the extra-large watch face with a playful pop of orange, combined with the smooth and enduring rubber strap, we instantly related to their brand values of Passion, Casual, and Urban Chic and thought up a few key looks that the watch would easily compliment - but that’s for another day.

Firstly, we put this watch to the test by wearing the it in our day-to-day lives. It endured a morning run, gym session, walk to work in the rain, preparing dinner, making cocktails, washing dishes, a wet shave and worn to bed until a strikingly early 6:00am rise.

"A unique dial texture giving a rough & unpolished style"
"A unique dial texture giving a rough & unpolished style"

That’s one of the standout positives of this watch, do you ever feel you have to remove your current precious timepiece in certain settings and for specific activities in fear of scratching or marking it? 

Well, this one can handle whatever your daily passions involve, and he wants to be by your side throughout it all! In fact, the BOSS Orange New York watch is the biggest watch of the 2014 Orange range with a large 50mm face and a durable 12.5mm in thickness, yet surprisingly the weight doesn’t overwhelm you when worn. 

It also includes a unique dial texture giving a rough and unpolished style combined with a sportier appearance. The all black expression contrasting against the orange hints makes for a very stylish yet striking timepiece. A thumbs up from us! 

If you’re yet to discover this new BOSS Orange 2014 collection you can check it out here. And stay tuned for an exclusive MWS competition (coming soon) where you can win a watch from this collection.

"The biggest watch of the Orange range"
"The biggest watch of the Orange range"

*Written in partnership with BOSS Orange Watches


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