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Every Second Counts

It’s hard to imagine how we survived socially without mobile phones. Times have truly changed and people now are no longer likely to live their whole life from within the small village, town or city that they grew up in. 

Many head for London and further such as Australia on their new life adventure. In this video feature (below) between father and son it is likely that this is the case and the 'old man' couldn’t be at the hospital on the big day. 

This video campaign titled 'Every Second Counts' is showcasing Vodafone who have recently brought to market the latest technological enhancement to their mobile technology, High Definition quality voice calls across the UK on Vodafone-to-Vodafone compatible phones. It shows us just how important sound quality is when connecting with family. Viewers become witness to people from all walks of life, unifying those treasured moments with their loved ones.

The video below is emotional and light-hearted at the same time. The comedy comes from the fact that grandad clearly wanted a boy, and you can really hear and feel the emotion in his voice. He is very proud of his “little boy”, now a grown up himself. 

With HD voice calling, Vodafone consumers will be sure to stay connected through the quality of sound transmitted through each user’s device, bringing you closer to your friends and family. Whether you are a business user or an ordinary consumer, Vodafone are ensuring you get the best quality calls. 

Those with compatible phones will have the privilege of automatically switching to HD voice technology when in 3G range. Whoever you may be, Vodafone are there to keep you connected and make sure you are not missing out on life’s precious moments!

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