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How to Care for your Facial Hair during Movember

It’s that time of the year again, and we don’t mean the expensive lead up to Christmas. It’s Movember, the time of year when men grow moustaches to raise awareness about men’s health. Albeit a sometimes hilarious outcome, the key to grow and maintain a moustache that you can be proud of is care and attention alongside the right equipment.

“Make sure when you start you have an end goal in mind. Either the neat stubble of Tom Ford or the huge beard of Ricki Hall, never start without focus. Whether this means regular trips to the barbers to keep shape maintained or a bit of home maintenance, keep on top of it. I would recommend a moustache wax, moustache comb, scissors for maintenance and a beard brush. To keep things odour free I’d recommend a beard shampoo & conditioner, and to keep facial hair non-irritating get a good beard moisturiser. For the type of Mo, there are plenty of moustache pictures with contrasting examples online, it's always best to have a bit of fun with it for Movember though!”Sam Hickey, Barber, Murdock London.

"Keep shape maintained"
"Keep shape maintained"

Keep the ‘stache in check 

There’s a few key things to remember whilst growing out your upper lip foliage, after all your moustache isn’t stuck onto your face, it grows... slowly. To make sure your moustache is healthy and clean you need to care for the skin it grows from and everything else around it for that matter. 

A good facial scrub is essential, as it removes any dead skin and food particles that may end up in your beard/moustache. Plus, it goes without saying that moisturised skin makes the face look a lot healthier, but by using aftershave oil to invigorate your facial hair you can give your beard or moustache a gleaming finish too.

Avoid irritation with a good beard moisturiser
Avoid irritation with a good beard moisturiser

You need to stay on the right side of the line between it looking sharp and it looking like you’ve missed a spot. Using an electric trimmer to level out the moustache is great to start but there comes a point where you outgrow the trimmer and you'll have to opt for the scissors especially if you’re going for something that requires you to have hair by hair precision. 

One Step Further 

Handlebar moustaches are becoming the pinnacle spectacle of the male grooming world. With competitions every year held all over the world for both the best beard and best moustache, it’s a huge deal. If you’re aiming for the bold and brave you can’t do it without some help, you’re going to need wax.

"A moustache takes care and attention"
"A moustache takes care and attention"

Moustache wax comes in all shapes and sizes and is useful, even if you’re not going for the handlebar style. It’s great for keeping your ‘stache in place throughout the day so there’s no stray hairs. Wax isn’t just for styling either as it also makes your facial fluff look fuller. To apply the wax properly, smooth the wax through your moustache with your thumb and forefinger carefully pinching and rolling up and away from the middle. 

Our pick of the crop 

Growing a moustache takes a great deal of care and attention, and these products carefully selected by us ensure that you get the right tools to get the job done. 

Penhaligons Nickel Shaving Set – This little piece of kit includes a Gilette Mach 3 Razor and brush to sweep away the hair off your face, plus a stand to hold them stylishly. It’s great for any man, and the brush comes in especially useful when it comes to moustache grooming.

"Smooth the wax through your Mo with your thumb and forefinger"
"Smooth the wax through your Mo with your thumb and forefinger"

Penhaligons Blenheim Aftershave Balm – Looking after you skin after you shave is just as essential as before you shave. With Penhaligons Aftershave Balm you can moisturise your face and beard after you shave. 

Lab Series Smooth Shave Oil – Before you trim your beard it’s best to make sure it’s well-oiled to ensure you have an accurate and easy shave. Using Lab Series Smooth Shave Oil ensures this, quick to absorb into your hair and clear and light for good visibility, you can’t go wrong here. 

Murdock Shave Cream – It’s essential to keep your skin safe and prevent cuts and Murdock shaving cream coupled with a great razor will ensure your blade glides over your skin but keeps the cut close.

Murdock Shave Cream
Murdock Shave Cream

Murdock Razor Burn Balm – Murdock Razor Burn Balm prevents the age old issue that all men have – 'razor burn'. Applying this after a shave will reduce redness, clear any linger dead skin cells and soothe the razor burn, so no more nasty sting. 

Babylis 10-in-1 Grooming System – Having the ability to precision cut your stubble is a useful tool in any man’s grooming set and this Babylis 10-in1 Electric Trimmer is the perfect addition. With 5 length settings, a body hair trimmer and a nose and ear trimmer, you will be able to remove all the unwanted hair you can find. Plus it’s rechargeable and comes with a charging dock, what more could you ask for?

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