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Globe-Trotter x Mr Porter Suitcases

Globe-Trotter, as the company’s name hints, is one of the world’s leading luggage brands, offering unprecedented luxury and craftsmanship to men who want to travel in style. Found in 1897, it is a true heritage brand with a strong eye for quality and timeless design. 

This season, they are releasing three new luggage pieces, a trio of suitcases designed for and sold exclusively through the men’s fashion e-commerce giant MR PORTER.

The collection includes two carry-on cases in 18” and 21” and one larger wheeled suitcase with a generous capacity of 30”.

"One of the world’s leading luggage brands"
"One of the world’s leading luggage brands"

All three pieces are made of jet-black vulcanized fiberboard, a strong, durable material that is lighter than aluminum and more resilient than leather. The choice of material for luggage is extremely important as airlines strictly regulate the allowed weight of each suitcase, and making sure the case itself is light saves you the trouble of having to worry about paying excess baggage fees. 

The luggage's sturdy construction is complemented by a luxurious black quilted lining and black cow leather trimming for added durability. Inspired by James Bond’s luggage accessories in Skyfall, these cases are tough, sleek and comfortable.

"Sturdy construction"
"Sturdy construction"

In terms of usability, the Globe-Trotter cases are also excellent. They feature top and side handles and smooth wheels to make transport easier and faster. While a lot of men prefer to carry their cabin luggage in hand, the wheels and expandable handle are a key asset when one is in a hurry to reach that connection at the airport. 

The strong construction is reinforced by polished silver studs, chrome plackets, additional leather trims at high-pressure points and push-mechanism key lock for security measures. To protect the fiberboard body, metal feet are fastened to both sides of the cases. The end result is a product that offers not just a meticulous appearance, but also a guarantee of long-term quality and durability.

"Guarantee of long-term quality and durability"
"Guarantee of long-term quality and durability"

All of the trunks are handmade in Hertfordshire, England over a detail-oriented 10-day process to ensure the traditional craftsmanship and strong design that the brand has become synonymous with. 

If you decide to invest in Globe-Trotter’s products, you will be in good company with Sir Winston Churchill and HM Queen Elizabeth II, who have both used the company’s cases for their durability and timeless aesthetic. 

The three monochrome black cases are the perfect way to travel in style, bringing elegance and luxury to every destination you visit.


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