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Beards in Bloom

From floral trousers to blooms in button holes and even beards, this season’s floral ensembles are bigger than ever before. 

The floral beard frenzy - a blossoming fashion statement 

There’s a new trend emerging for men with bushy beards which involves twisting colourful flowers through facial hair. It’s not just beards alone that are budding fashion statements, but full blown floral facial hair, sprouting everything from delicate daisies to oversized florescent arrangements.

The beard has been a symbol of authority, manhood, and orthodoxy since the 1850s. Later, it became a bushy banner of rebellion. Today, it is a zany new trend, that’s taking social media by storm. If you fancy trying this trend yourself, you’ll find plenty of floral inspiration at serenataflowers.com

"They can be masculine"
"They can be masculine"

Men in floral 

Although some believe flowers to be effeminate in style, when designed fittingly, they can be extraordinarily masculine. This season’s runway floral depictions are anything but ladylike. 

Unlike past floral trends, which have solely focused on one garment, this year’s styles boast head-to-toe prints. Emerging on everything from shorts and tees, to button-downs and even formal jackets, choose from bright and bold designs with one single flower to mass-produced flowers in a series of hypnotic patterns. Different to previous floral-friendly years, this season has opted for just the two contrasting colour palettes – sombre and playful - comprising extremely dark and moody hues, as well as a variety of hyper, intense hues. 

When wearing florals, it’s wise to match them to the rest of your outfit accordingly. Floral and floral does work; as long as the buds are similar in size, colour or pattern. If you’re new to this trend, start with the basics and opt for minimal flower arrangements to begin with.

"A new trend, that’s taking social media by storm"
"A new trend, that’s taking social media by storm"

Beautiful button holes 

Although usually reserved for grooms and wedding guests alone, more and more men are beginning to wear button holes in everyday life, quite simply as a fashion statement. Instead of modest floral arrangements, a number of fashionista’s are opting for oversized, bold and bright creations, worn with chinos and hot-hued blazers.

"Full blown floral facial hair"
"Full blown floral facial hair"

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