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Lad Pad Must-Haves

A man needs his space. Be it a Man Cave, Man Land, Lad Pad, Bro Zone, The Drink Tank, Fortress of Solitude, Estrogen-free Zone, The Eagles Nest or Temple of Decadence, there are some items that a man’s just got to have, in order to truly feel like the place is his. 

Most likely, in a family home, the garage is the obvious choice for conversion, but any decent-sized room in the house should be able to hold the essentials.

Reclining Chair  

There's nothing better than kicking back in a comfy seat to watch the game! You should have at least one of these, but if you can get your hands on a few more for your mates, even better. For reasonably priced chairs, check out online retailers such as Super Amart. You'll have plenty to choose from. It's probably best to get recliners with cup holders too, so your beer has a place to sit while you fist-pump at every goal! If it fits better, an oversized couch will keep all the boys happy too.

Big Screen TV 

Ordinarily, a TV should be in proportion to the size of the room. But we’re talking about a lad’s pad, so the BIGGER the better. Splash out on a good sound system too - together with the larger-than-life picture, you'll feel like you're at the stadium!


To encourage that macho competitive streak in you and your pals, games are a must. X-box, Playstation, Nintendo – get your game on, for when the game’s, well, not on.

Pool Table 

This is a luxury, but well worth the money! Your buddies will thank you for it. You can get used pool tables, or new discounted ones online if you look in the right places. If you can afford it, splurge on a fancy schmancy black, tan or blue table, instead of classic green.


Keep your friends close and your snacks even closer! Make sure you've got a place to stash your edible staples. And you'll need to keep your cold ones cold, so a fridge is essential. Put it next to your seat and you won't have to leave it!

Disposable Cutlery 

For those rare occasions when you do need some forks and knives etc., keep disposable plates, cups and cutlery on hand. Who has time to waste washing dishes? Really?


Eventually, you're going to need food that’s more substantial than Pizza and chips. Keep a whole stack of menus from any place that has takeaway or delivery – pizza, Chinese, pizza, fish and chips, pizza... Make sure everyone contributes to the cost though! 

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