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Photography by Craig Landale

Festive Season Style Tips

As we turn over the calendar and we’re greeted by December, our minds jump into the festive spirit. Chilly Winter mornings, excess layering, knitwear, spiced lattes, snow, Christmas, and food - lots and lots of food. Style is often forgotten about when Winter is in full-swing, most feel there's little point in dressing stylish when it’s zero degrees outside - they have a point right?

Wrong. Winter can be, and is, the most fashionable season, with an increase in layering and experimenting with various colour palettes. Here are some top tips to help you nail Winter fashion in the best style.



Winter can be a struggle when attempting to understand what colours to opt for, you don’t want anything too in-your-face, but you don’t want anything too dull and lifeless. Recently it’s come to light that colour transitional inspiration can stem from the littlest things, something like fallen leaves seen in the Palladium Boots picture above. 

Leaves signify the full-swing of winter, so tones like sunburnt oranges, greens, woody browns and mustard yellows are the perfect colour choices. Pair these colours with neutral options like black, grey and navy.



When you were younger your parents would dress you in the best winter fabrics. Think about it, you were never seen shivering at the bitter winds, rain or snow. From thick wool jumpers, duffle coats, to chunky scarves, and beanie hats - your "rents" knew what they were doing! Corduroy trousers and boots were probably the least appealing styles you had as a kid but now it’s all the rage. 

Style these iconic childhood winter warmers with a modern twist. I’m talking Oxford cloth shirts, a pair of tan or burgundy corduroy trousers, topped off with a denim jacket combo. For a cheeky luxe appeal, opt for a jacket with a faux fur collar, or a soft cashmere-blend jumper.  

Chunky, oversized scarves are a key AW14 trend right now and every man should own a pair of sleek, well-made, practical boots which are suited for the colder seasons.


Check mate

Plaid is a cool festive print and it’s perfect for styling with winter looks. And of course, Checks are a biggy right now too, seen all across the season menswear collections. Available in statement plaid shirts, ties, sleek trousers - or subtle options like hats, scarves, or gloves. Pair with neutral and plain colours to not go too over the top.

"Plaid is a cool festive print"
"Plaid is a cool festive print"

Fair Isle 

Nothing says festive more than a Fair Isle printed jumper. However, they can quickly turn rather novelty if styled without consideration. To steer clear of the dreaded tacky Christmas jumper fad, invest in a high quality piece that will bring personality and character to any winter style. To style casual, throw it on over a simple tee or Oxford shirt and pair with jeans and brown boots. 

For a more formal appeal, layer it underneath a textured blazer and combine with slim chinos/trousers, and a shirt. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral so you can let the jumper do all the talking.


So there you have it, four simple tips and tricks that will help you stylishly get into the festive spirit. 

*Brutal Face image via Shutterstock


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