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How to Work From Home Over the Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough, families, presents and the overarching cost of all of these things on top of the usual outgoings. You’re almost always going to be working very close to Christmas and very soon afterwards, how else will you pay for all the new gear? But with all of the travelling to see family and friends planned, you’re going to either have to cram it into the week you have off or spread it out over the weekends prior.

It’s not an easy case to make but if you manage to convince your boss to let you have the time off to work remotely whilst you’re at home/travelling, you’re going to need the right tools to get the job done.

"You’re going to need the right tools"
"You’re going to need the right tools"

Things such as a notebook and pen, a tablet and laptop, smartphone and most importantly the internet are key for you to effectively utilise the time away from the office. Here’s five tools you’re going to need to effectively work away from the office over Christmas. 

The Internet 

With the internet being so inconsistent throughout the country but fundamental in the office you’ll probably be away from, you may want to invest in a Dongle. This prevents any problems arising if you end up needing to send important files and attend important video conferences. These Dongles are relatively cheap and work on a pay as you go basis, places such as Three Mobile and EE also include them as part of your contract if you choose to add them on.

Be Ready for Anything 

If you have a job which requires meetings, an alternative to face to face is the video conference. Using an application such as Skype means you can communicate almost face to face with a client. With Video Conferences in mind, you’re going to need to make sure you look the part so bring a suit, or at least the top half. Specifically putting the camera on your top half eliminates the need for trousers or shoes, you could even be in your pyjamas if it’s early enough - just make sure you don’t stand up!

"Skype means you can communicate clients"
"Skype means you can communicate clients"

A Quiet Space to Work 

Whilst working away from the office may sound fun, you’re going to be distracted, a lot. It’s not a case of sitting with headphones in, leaving the TV on mute. You’re going to need a quiet space even if it’s your car for a few hours. It’s a case of ensuring you finish your work to a high standard, and a quiet space will also be needed in the event of an unexpected video conferences.

"You’re going to need a quiet space"
"You’re going to need a quiet space"

Your Laptop & Tablet is Essential 

Attending meetings may not be the only thing you’ll have to do. Your work isn’t going to be completing itself and for this you’re going to require a laptop and/or a tablet. This gives you the ability to travel and carry your data wherever you go. The new Aspire V Nitro Black Edition is the perfect balance between power and price and has a built in webcam. This piece of kit will ensure you can do your work without failure. 

If you head down the tablet route using an iPad means Facetime is also an option alongside Skype. Acer offer 'Switch 10' which doubles a both a laptop and a tablet. Tablet App stores contain a plethora of applications that you can use to keep your work going including Dropbox for all your files and the whole of the Microsoft Office Suite available for free.

Aspire V Nitro Black Edition
Aspire V Nitro Black Edition

Your Mobile Phone 

Your phone will be the portal to the office when the internet isn’t an option. It’s faster than an email to call from your phone but also a Smartphone could become the only thing you need. The iPhone also has App store with Skype and Office to download, so you can do your video calls, and work from here, just so long as you’re okay with working on a small screen. You can deploy your phone as your work station and investing in a Bluetooth keyboard will allow you to type like a PC on your phone/tablet and you won’t ever have to think about using the touchscreen to type those long emails ever again.

"A smartphone could be the only thing you need"
"A smartphone could be the only thing you need"

Working from home is no easy task, and with the right discipline especially over Christmas it could be even easier than heading to the office. With the right tools you can get your work done and enjoy all that Christmas has to offer with minimal hiccups. 

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