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Hawes & Curtis Since 1913

Hawes & Curtis was established in 1913 by Ralph Hawes and Freddie Curtis, with the intention of creating high quality, exclusive clothing for gentlemen. From their infancy, they have been acclaimed by royalty and aristocracy alike; most famously by the Duke of Windsor and Earl Mountbatten. 

As a result of high praise from Royals, Hawes & Curtis embodied and exuded a distinctly British gentlemen’s style. Today the Hawes & Curtis style is no longer limited to royalty; it is accessible to those with an eye for fashion and extraordinary quality.

Biggest ever collection for AW14 

This season Hawes & Curtis unveiled the biggest collection in its 101-year history with a stunning array of formal and casualwear for both men and women.

"The biggest collection in its 101-year history"
"The biggest collection in its 101-year history"

AW14 is all about layering, with country check shirts, merino jumpers in earthy tones, Harris Tweed jackets and Italian trench coats stealing the show. The country feel resonates throughout the accessories range too, with stag cufflinks, wool ties with pheasant prints and tweed flat caps bringing a touch of rural bliss to the workplace. 

Edward Smith, head of brand for Hawes & Curtis, said it was the most impressive collection in the company’s illustrious history and how “the team has worked tirelessly to en-sure this year’s autumn/winter collection is the best ever.”

"A touch of rural bliss to the workplace"
"A touch of rural bliss to the workplace"

There are 10 different country checks being introduced to the formal shirt range, with a further dozen looks going into the company’s Curtis fashion range. Edward explains how the new “casualwear range has expanded beyond measure and we have been conscious to introduce a real touch of fashion to the workplace. People are no longer just wearing something for work – they want to look good, feel good and they are prepared to spend a fair amount of money to make an impact.” 

Covert coats have luxurious velvet on the collar while for the first time Hawes & Curtis has introduced a full length Harris Tweed coat alongside its Harris Tweed blazers.

"The casualwear range has expanded"
"The casualwear range has expanded"

Super smart quilted jackets, Harrington and trench coats complete the line-up. Suits have had an overhaul too with a new slim fit range coming alongside the classic fit, while a midnight blue dinner suit sits with the traditional black two-piece. 

Shirt Review & Tips

MWS Craig recently tested one of their fashion shirts which featured a blue and white overlap Geo print pattern. This print shirt is sharp and stylish, It has been beautifully crafted from 2 ply 100's cotton and features a one button classic collar and single button cuffs. As this shirt has been tapered at the hip, you can wear it in or outside trousers, and can be styled with either jeans or a suit - ideal for the modern gentleman and a perfect party season statement piece.

MWS Craig at The Ritz London
MWS Craig at The Ritz London

We spoke to Anya Mackessy at the brand to find out a few top tips on men’s shirting - from styling, common mistakes and colour matching. 

What are the most common shirt styling mistakes that you see? 

"Some men seem unaware that shirts with double cuffs need to be accompanied by cufflinks. The point of wearing a formal shirt is to look smart – it is impossible to look polished when your sleeves are flapping about." 

What is the most popular shirt collar style right now? 

"Semi-cutaway collars are the most popular collar style right now. This is because it is the most versatile collar as it accommodates every tie knot."  

Single cuff or double cuff and why? 

"Both cuff styles have their advantages, but I would always opt for shirts with double cuffs as you can personalise your look with cufflinks. Cufflinks will complete your formal outfit and will make you look extremely polished."

"A beautifully tailored white shirt"
"A beautifully tailored white shirt"

What is the best way to match a shirt with a tie? 

"Choose a tie with the same colour accents as the dominant colour of your shirt. If you want to mix and match patterns, you can create elegant combinations by pairing a shirt with a small pattern with a tie with a larger pattern, or vice versa." 

What is the number one shirt colour and style that every guy should own? 

"Nothing looks smarter than a beautifully tailored white shirt made from high quality cotton. The style every man should own should be a white poplin shirt, in a slim fit, with double cuffs."

"Choose a tie to match the main colour of your shirt"
"Choose a tie to match the main colour of your shirt"


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