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New Job Style Inspiration

Being a University graduate is a change of pace from what you’ll have known for the past 3-5 years i.e. you’ll actually have to turn up for work rather than skipping those 9am starts. Other than having the qualifications you’re going to need to look the part and that’s what we’re here to tell you, how to dress at the 5 stages of employment in collaboration with Lynx.

The Interview Look 

Get out of your pyjamas and joggers and into your go-getter gear. This is where you get to show employers you mean business. Turn up looking the sharpest you’ve ever been and not only will that look good but it will exude confidence because you’ll feel good too. A smart and tailored suit is always a perfect go-to point and will never fail you no matter what type of job your trying to land. Making sure it’s well-fitted and you’re well-groomed with a fresh neat haircut, clean-shaven or beard well-trimmed and a fresh scent, is essential to impressing your boss, just remember to maintain eye contact and ask strong questions at the end. 

Style: Formal and sharp to show you appreciate the significance and importance of the situation. A suit and tie will show confidence and power. Go in suave, more Mike Ross than Mike Tyson. Use Lynx Gold Temptation anti-perspirant to stop any chances of sweating and leaving unflattering patches. You’ll want to stay protected for a stressful situation such as an interview!

First Day Style 

Knowing what to wear for your first day really depends on where you work. A corporate office will often need a casual suit or just smart trousers and a shirt, whilst on the other end of the spectrum you could be in a casual office where the etiquette is to be comfortable but presentable. Make sure you find out after the interview if you’re unsure, otherwise search for a smart white shirt (and cardigan if it’s cold), some slim trousers, brown suede shoes and you’ll be fine. It’s your first day and this will still look professional even if it’s not 100% correct. It’s your safest bet, especially if you know the office is more lenient than most. This type of outfit will make you feel comfortable and relaxed, which will be a big help. 

Style: Look the part, a smart white shirt and black jeans with suede shoes. You were hired on ability but what’s to say you can’t also express this through your stylish outfits. Use Lynx Define Clean Cut Wax to make that good first impression, rumour has it that you have 5 seconds to get them to like you. Plus it’s great for creating a quiff as seen in the how to video here.

After Work Drinks Casual 

Turning up to the pub with your mates is one thing but turning up with colleagues for team bonding or a cool down is definitely another. Whilst the former is more familiar with a shirt/jeans combo with your mates, wearing something stylish and relaxed to a work do is much more effective. If your work requires a suit all day every day, wearing a pullover jumper or a plain t-shirt really can give you the relaxed edge you’ll need. This will give the impression that you have a calming and relaxed personality that people will warm to, and this will make you more approachable in the process. If you’re going after work at a creative office, you may not even need to change - but find out what type of “a few drinks” establishment you’re going to. You don’t want to turn up to a networking event wearing a t-shirt. 

Style: Contrast to your everyday working attire, make it a little more relaxed and casual so you feel comfortable while making new friends and making a good first impression among management. Use Lynx Gold Temptation Body Spray Compressed to remain fresh with a fragrant scent from desk to dance floor. The compressed product size is a perfect fit for your satchel meaning you can have a light top up before you head out from the office.

First Presentation Cool 

The first presentation is almost always the hardest one since you’re likely to be nervous - unless you’ve got the confidence of Tony Stark. Wearing a suit is essential if you’re meeting high-end clients or managers are sitting in - you’ll need to look the part before you impress them with your words. Wearing a tie is key in this situation, these are people you want to gain respect from, and a tie gives off an aura of authority which will help this cause massively. However, for small team presentations, such as a write-up on a project you’ve finished, wearing your smart-casuals is perfectly fine. Normal office wear will help cut the stress of this situation as it’ll feel like another day in the office. 

Style: Almost the same as your first day, but wear a tie and make sure you look smart and understated. You want people to concentrate on your presentation and not your bright yellow socks. Use Lynx Peace anti-perspirant to make sure you have a good scent whilst in a room with very important managers - you don’t want THAT to be what they remember you by! No matter how confident you are, a presentation can go wrong and you might get the cold sweats, be prepared!

What to Wear at the Christmas Party 

Almost every single Christmas party is a time to impress in a stylish sense. You’re not stuck to your standard suit and tie day job, but keep in mind that style may have no place at a fancy dress party - you’ll need to know the dress code. This is probably the one place you won’t wear a tie other than the casual after work drinks, and wearing a jumper, scarf and some fitted jeans will work a treat. It gives a warmth that a shirt and tie won’t. 

Style: Work with the dress code, black tie means eveningwear and smart-casual means you can be a bit more playful, but wear smart denim and a traditional festive jumper. Pay attention, you don’t want to be a party pooper. Use Lynx Messy Look Reworkable Paste to create a side of you that your colleagues have not seen before. The re-workable paste is perfect for creating a whole host of on-trend hairstyles including the Messy Look, to impress at your Christmas party.


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