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How to Wear a Polo Shirt

There’s always that classic wardrobe staple that you can turn to on almost every occasion in life. A Lacoste polo shirt is a timeless classic that you can easily grab from your wardrobe when your boss wants you for a meeting at the office in five minutes, or when your friend texts you with tickets to watch the football, or for when you’re out on a date at the weekend. 

Polo shirts are the go-to-attire for men worldwide. They can be used for both formal and casual looks, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the occasion and each of the different fits available. Nowadays, there are many styles and fits of polo shirts to choose from, and there can be variations on the collar, the sleeves, the fabric, the buttons and fitting. 

'The colour is a major consideration and how the polo shirt fits and shapes your body says something about your style'  

Although many men will have a preferred fitting, some guys will own 2 or 3 different styles and fits of polo shirts, so they can use them for different occasions in life.

Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

The Long Sleeve polo is perfect for those unpredictable days when the weather is warm one minute and chilly the next. Simply roll the sleeves as the heat rises and keep them down to enjoy the comfort and warmth on your arms. The long sleeve can often be worn in a smart-casual setting since the longer sleeves can replicate that of a typical smart shirt. 

However, it’s also an interesting casual staple which will be no stranger to being worn with a pair of jeans and boots. This style can also enjoy the same fitting attributes of that of an Original Fit or Regular Fit but gains the benefits of looking different. We all see short sleeve polos on a daily basis but the Long Sleeve is much more unique.

Original Fit Polo Shirt  

“This fit is perfect for my bigger body frame and feels the most comfortable to me. I don’t like garments to be too restricting and often when I don’t have time to plan an outfit, the polo with a pair of jeans and sneakers is an obvious choice. Whether I’m heading to the cinema, at work or going for a casual drink with a mate I can rely on it.” - MWS Craig. 

The Original Fit polo is exactly what it says – original and one of the first styles available in this garment. This style is a good choice whether you’re an athlete, casual golfer or a guy more likely to just watch tennis than play it. However, as time goes by, men have also learned to use them for different occasions. 

Original fit polo shirts are a little less fitted, giving men with a bigger frame more comfort. They fit loosely on the body which allows you to move freely. The collar also gives you a little more space aimed to eliminate any movement restrictions. This also applies to the sleeves which are slightly longer and looser in comparison. 

It is a true versatile option since men will often also wear them for formal occasions with a smart and sophisticated jacket. Whether you’re going to a meeting, to a party, or a city break, you can never go wrong with an original fit polo shirt.

Regular Fit Polo Shirt  

“I like a regular fit polo which is perfect for my athletic body type. This style appears fitted, without hugging my torso too tightly. I wear my polo tucked into a pair of contrast chinos; teamed with deck shoes and a plaited belt for a sophisticated summer look... ideally on a warm afternoon sat on the veranda of a beachside bar!” - MWS Gwyn. 

The Regular Fit polo shirt came into the market for men who wanted to experiment more on their style with fits which reflected modern times. When you look at regular fit polo shirts, their style doesn’t have much significant differences with original polo shirts, except that the sleeves and fit around the body is not as loose as those of the Original Fit. 

It suits a more modern and edgier guy, with some often experimenting with the collar and buttons. Regular fit polo shirts are usually worn in a more casual setting or even for playing sports with friends.

Slim Fit Polo Shirt  

“The epitome of smart casual, the slim fit is a cut of polo that can be both dressed up or down to suit any occasion. Tailored, so it can be paired with smart trousers, yet casual enough to accompany a pair of jeans. A truly versatile fit and a personal favourite of mine.” - MWS James. 

The Slim Fit polo lends itself to a younger slimmer man who is more experimental on their style. This option basically takes the shape of your body and will suit a slim toned chap. The sleeves will take the curves of your biceps and triceps, your chest and even your abs will be more emphasized. Whether you're watching the basketball, at a gig or hanging out with friends at the bar, this polo is a stylish companion. 


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