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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Style in 2015

The holidays are over and that means it’s time to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions. Time to burn off that excess holiday weight, get back to your normal work schedule, and start yourself on the track to accomplish your goals for 2015. One of the most common resolutions for men this year is to work on revamping their style and making a more thoughtful commitment to the way they dress.

If you’re unsure about how to go about all that, look no further than this guide to upgrading your men’s style for 2015. Check it out:

Work on revamping your style
Work on revamping your style

Get More Creative with Accessories 

While you might be stuck wearing a suit to work each day, that doesn’t mean that you need to be boring about it. One of the easiest ways to make small changes for a large effect is to get more creative with your accessories. 

Consider wearing a pocket square instead of a tie, giving your suit a slightly more relaxed, yet still refined appearance. Are you prone to wearing the same watch every day regardless of the rest of your outfit? It might be time to think about investing in some different styles that might be better coordinated with a few of your different ensembles. Try a leather band in black, brown, and maybe a nice metal watch for those days you want to channel your inner power broker.

"Get more creative with accessories"
"Get more creative with accessories"

Other suit details like cufflinks are getting more creative these days. In the New York Times, London-based accessories designer Alice Walsh discusses the rise in popularity of men’s accessories and cufflinks in particular, “You can have a beautifully tailored suit, but this adds a bit of character that is slightly more abstract" she comments. “With today’s more buoyant economy, men are feeling the desire to invest in a bit of attention to detail. I think men are allowed to make more of an effort in the way they dress.” 

Step Up Your Sock Game 

Perhaps the most overlooked detail of men’s style is the sock. While your socks are hardly the most visible component of your outfit, they can still make an impression if you know how to choose them. Look to a luxury provider like VK Nagrani for creative, high quality, men’s designer socks. Retailer Mario Bisio of Mario's writes about socks, “I would have never thought that a pair of socks would make me re-think the entire merchandising of my store. The attention to detail, the story and the consumer’s love affair with the VK Nagrani brand made me want everything in my store to have the same effect.”

Socks make a big impression
Socks make a big impression

We’re guessing you probably already have a collection of socks in black, brown, navy, and grey, but picking out some more vibrantly colored or patterned socks can be a fun and subtle way to show some style without going overboard. 

Pay Attention to Materials & Construction 

Although many of us tend to focus on brand reputation when it comes to choosing our clothes, discerning sartorialists take factors like fabric materials into consideration. While you might assume that your Gucci shirt is going to be the most comfortable option on the market, that’s not necessarily the case. 

Having a basic familiarity with fabric materials and paying closer attention to them while you’re shopping can lead to a significantly more comfortable experience when you’re wearing your new clothes later.

"Take fabric & materials into consideration"
"Take fabric & materials into consideration"

And it’s not just about the type of materials being used, men should pay attention to the quality of construction as well. If you need some help figuring out how to determine a high quality vs low quality suit for instance, Forbes can help you out in their 'Anatomy Of A Well-Cut Suit' article. 

So for the New Year in 2015, try to take these three tips for upgrading your wardrobe and improving your style into consideration. We promise, you’ll start getting noticed for all the right reasons.

"Pay attention to the quality of construction"
"Pay attention to the quality of construction"


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