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Brand Profile: Uniform Wares Watches

The words Elegance and Simplicity - the perfect way to sum up Uniform Wares Watches. With all the wearable technology that’s available it’s easier to lust for a device that does more than tell the time, but in just five years Uniform Wares show us that design really is something to be desired.

Whilst not a brand you may have heard of, they're definitely a brand you will have seen. Their no-nonsense watch faces paired with solid minimal casing and simple straps has hit a chord among watch fanatics and designers alike.

Founded by friends Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek in 2009, the pair originally worked together to create everyday objects such as pens, wallets and the likes. But the brand wasn’t easy to get started. In an interview Bek talks about how hard it was to get the brand off the ground. This original thought process of providing everyday items was the basis of their brand name “Uniform Wares”

With this in mind, their watches are the perfect blend of great British design and a high focus on functionality, ensuring a customer can use the timepiece in all aspects of life. Since their original pieces were sold, the brand has been built up to what it is today, with their latest collection being Swiss made and sold exclusively via which stands testament to their quality.

Their watches come in a range of colours and styles, including various straps and watch face designs, all of which fit perfectly in line with the overarching style of Uniform Wares style. Whilst on the more affordable end of the "quality" watch price spectrum, priced around £200 and upwards, the watches themselves show an outstanding quality for their price tag. 

Their watch collections are split into two separate lines “C” and “M”. “C” being the more classic leather or styled strap around a metallic traditional styled case and “M” being more modern, minimalistic and round. The company are set to introduce a new line early this year to fit between the two, straying from their round design and focussing on a more rectilinear shape.

Considering how far the company has come in terms of design and quality it’s exciting to see where they'll go next. Regularly working in collaboration with other designers and developers, Uniform Wares utilises these companies to provide face, case and strap designs, creating unique and often limited edition pieces. 

Using a worldwide network of industries built up over the years they source their parts carefully to ensure quality. Continuously working to improve their watches by working closely with companies to ensure quality is a key ethos, but also improving their watches with forensic devotion to detail.


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