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Knitted Ties: Texture and Tradition

What makes the knitted tie stand out from the crowd, albeit in a quiet, understated sort of way, is the fact that no other tie gives you quite the same textured look or feel. Thanks to the natural texture, a knitted tie adds some extra depth, especially when worn with a plain shirt and jacket. 

'It’s amazing just how well a knitted tie can lift an otherwise plain and conservative outfit'

Traditionally, knitted ties all came with a squared off end and although that’s still true of most ties of this type, some designers produce knitted ties with the more conventional pointed finish. Italian designers were among the first to do this, and ties in muted greens, reds, and greys in this style are the perfect choice for more informal occasions.

"The perfect choice for more informal occasions"
"The perfect choice for more informal occasions"

Talking of colours, the more muted shades are a natural fit for knitted ties and even sombre colours such as black and charcoal, look terrific, especially when matched with a crisp white shirt. Our friends over at dqt.co.uk believe "a knitted tie is a tie for all seasons", so forget the notion that you can only wear one in autumn or winter, simply because its made from wool or cashmere, or some other blend. 

True, a knitted tie in cherry, burgundy, mustard, or green, does look terrific paired with a tweed jacket on a cold winter’s day, but match a blue and cream striped knitted tie with a cotton suit in the middle of summer, and we’re talking cool and sophisticated. In fact, there’s been a recent definite shift towards wearing knitted ties in the spring and summer months.

"A shift towards wearing knitted ties in the summer"
"A shift towards wearing knitted ties in the summer"

As a result, the choice of patterns and colours available has increased, "so too the availability in our shop." It used to be the case that knitted ties were a tiny section of most displays, but not any more. Modern knitted ties come in a wonderful selection of colours and designs, including stripes and polka dots, skinny and wide. 

Forget convention, the knitted tie is fit for every occasion and that includes weddings! And something else, the knitted tie was made for taking on your travels - because it doesn’t wrinkle. Simply roll up your knitted tie, stick it inside a shoe in your suitcase, and when it’s time to dress up - voila!


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