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Stag Do Ideas for the Modern Man

The days of stag nights at the local pub are for some in decline. Today people expect excitement on their special day; after all traditionally it is the last day of freedom, a day of debauchery, fun and total excitement to be remembered forever. A stag do only comes once; therefore you may not have a plan for that special day and need some ideas and a sneak preview on how the big night could go.

Adrenaline Filled Action 

Some of you will pass on a drunken night at the local pub and plumb for sheer action and excitement. There are tons of ideas to choice from including a paintball showdown. Not your scene then how about rock climbing on the rugged Cornish coast. With expert tuition you could be donning a wetsuit traversing ledges, rock faces, wading through salt water pools and coastal caves. This is a challenge to show your skills and fitness. If that’s not your bag, how about archery, axe throwing, assault course, canoeing, bobsleighing to mention just a few ideas.

Clubs & Bars 

There are so many stag do ideas. Perhaps you’re looking for a more traditional stag night. Since time in memoriam, the groom has opted for a traditional night at the pub, followed by a pub crawl. If that’s your fancy there are some excellent clubs and bars right across Europe. The special night could be at a selected night club. Perhaps an all-nighter with night club admission, maybe a pub crawl with a beautiful female guide. Want something more sophisticated? Then maybe a night at lap dancing club or perhaps an evening in a brewery or a bierkeller. The options are endless from a traditional pub crawl to a booze up on a luxury cruise, take your choice.

Driving Activities with a Difference 

If a driving activity is what you fancy, then we have tons of ideas to whet your appetite. Driving activities range from 4 by 4 off road driving over a rough and challenging course. Banger racing can be both thrilling and atmosphere filled excitement for everyone. How about a beach buggy adventure across the sand dunes. If go karts are your thing, then there is go kart racing, endurance and grand prix karting. There is everything to choose from, from hover crafting to jeep safaris, you name it!

Sailing & Boating 

Perhaps you want to release the seafarer in you and your group. If so, once more we have stacks of ideas for you to consider. How about a yacht charter to Barcelona? Blue cave boat trips or a fun filled booze cruise. For the laid back a leisurely drink whilst cruising down a picturesque canal or river. Want sun, then maybe banana sunset cruise or a super yacht charter.


Maybe you’re looking for a more team oriented stag night where you are presented with demonstrating skill and blow off some steam. A shooting day out might be the very thing. There is everything to choose from, from paintballing adventure, to learning to fire an assault rifle. Some might prefer a more gentle pursuit of archery or clay pigeon shooting. There is more, if none of the above appeal, there is a laser quest and laser tag shooting. If shooting is your thing, then Stag.com can arrange it for you.

Everything can be arranged for you from airport transfers right down to pretty guides to show you around. It is our aim to make the occasion perfect; not only for the groom but all the guests, so that special night can be remember for a lifetime. 

*Yacht, Diving, Shooting image via Shutterstock


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