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The Shinola Brakeman Chrono Watch Collection

Shinola does it again! And this time, the company is going to relive the faith of Americans that indeed great manufacturing is not gone in this country — not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. With the release of the Shinola Brakeman Chrono Watch Collection that embodies refined technology and striking watchstrap designs, faith of Americans to manufacturing companies in the country can be restored.

New Features and Designs 

The name Brakeman was coined from the 1900s locomotive brakemen, and so are the designs are inspired by the same era. From the color to the strap to the designs, the Shinola Brakeman Chrono Watch Collection is the epitome of the 1900s.

The assemblage comprises six designs — two of which have stainless steel braces, and the other four designs use a premium American-made leather strap made by Hadley-Roma of Florida. Aside from leather, which is the legacy of the Company, Shinola’s new collection utilizes stainless steel case, silver hour and minute hands, and Shinola Detroit-built Aragonite 5030 quartz movement. 

Case type varies from 40 mm and 46 mm; and buckle sizes range from 22 mm to 24 mm. And of course, the company’s signature name is visible at the back plate complete with the watch’s laser-etched serial number. 

The Process 

Shinola’s spokesperson said, “Our key ingredients to make quality watches isn’t just the steel and leather; but the devotion and passion acted through our labor are what makes Shinola watches high quality. And this radical effort that hasn’t been carried in this country with regards to making watches will now be distinguished by our people through our commitment to provide American-made watches.”

To build a pristine, handcrafted watch, expert craftsmen who have the eyes to manipulate miniature parts using only their custom-made tools and optical magnification equipment are necessary. “Every little step is tested. From the stitches to the fully assembled watch. We pressure test each watch to check its atmosphere-proof seal and if everything is properly fitted”, he further added.


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