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Beefeater 24 + Hackett Pillars of Style

When it comes to being quintessentially British, it is not just dapper dressing that counts – it is also about being prepared with the right cocktails at social occasions”, says Jeremy Hackett, world renowned menswear designer. 

To simplify the process for today’s gentleman, two of the UK’s iconic brands – super-premium gin Beefeater 24 and revered menswear label Hackett London, have joined forces to celebrate British style and ensure men are prepared while toasting their sartorial superiority.

The expertise of both brands has been pooled to create a series of guides for men around the world - 12 occasions, 12 new cocktails and 12 looks to inform the social circuit in 2015.

The Pillars of Style guides see Hackett fashion gurus give tips and suggestions on what to wear for 12 key social occasions throughout the year – from weekends in the country to evenings at the members’ bar. 

The guides also feature specially created cocktails from Beefeater 24 Ambassador and world-class mixologist Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge, who also gives his tips for 2015 Stylish Cocktails. Sebastian became an International Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin in 2011, having acted as a freelance drinks consultant with a focus on gin for 16 years prior to his appointment as Brand Ambassador. 

Sebastian now represents Beefeater globally, visiting markets worldwide to educate bartenders, consumers and the press about the past, present and future of Beefeater Gin. He also works on developing tasting rituals and conducts talks about food pairings and contemporary cocktails.

How would you, in a few words, sum up quintessentially British style? 

"A confident blend of high quality and contemporary classics."  

What is your favourite style statement? 

"As a nod to classical style, I would choose vintage jackets and good shoes. Timeless."  

What items should make up the staples of a modern man’s cocktail making kit? 

"You should have a crystal mixing jar, Julep strainer, orange & angostura bitters, Campari selection of the vermouth & sherry, sharp knife and great Gin." 

Why does the world increasingly appreciate great materials and craftsmanship?

"We’re able to appreciate the style and flavour icons of the past but we’re also confident enough to add a modern and unique expression."

Hackett London Gin Bar
Hackett London Gin Bar

Explain how you have matched the new cocktails to the occasions? 

"Like music, different drinks suit different moods and it’s important to always match your drink to the environment. Once you have tasted the drink, it’s simple to understand the environment it is best suited to."  

Matching food with drinks is nothing new but matching new cocktails with social occasions is – what were your challenges? 

"A great drink may suit more than one occasion, but sometimes the match is perfectly obvious and balanced. With the Pillars of Style, we’ve matched the best suited drinks to each social occasion and explained the rationale behind it within each of the guides." 

Which of the Beefeater 24 gin and tonics available at Regent Street’s bar is your favourite in terms of the tincture added? 

"The fresh green spices from the cardamom tincture beautifully match the two green teas within Beefeater 24."  

What is your favourite cocktail? 

"The Beefeater 24 Green Tea Martini is my favourite cocktail – it’s the perfect accompaniment for any 'Special Event, By Invitation' occasion. With it, we’ve created a new twist to the classic martini."  

The Pillars of Style, a series from Beefeater 24 and Hackett, are available now from beefeaterginblog.tumblr.com. Each month, a new style guide will be available to view and inspire men around the world on what to drink and what to wear at key style occasions.

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