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No matter the age and no matter the level of experience, there is something of a debate going on about straight edged razor blades versus the use of electric shavers. Especially for those who are new to shaving or maybe have been wearing a beard for some years. You will hear the question asked "Should I use an electric shaver or standard razor when shaving for sensitive skin?" It's an interesting thing to consider and one for which there may not be a clear answer.

Electric Shavers 

There are several different kinds of electric shaving devices. Electric razors are one and they do their work by taking your whiskers out as close to the skin as possible.

"Dry electric shavers can be tough on sensitive skin"
"Dry electric shavers can be tough on sensitive skin"

The electric razor has three blades generally and they all work together to get the hair out. Electric shavers are a little different; they can either be dry or wet. Electric shavers pivot and get an even closer shave to the face. Dry electric shavers can be tough on sensitive skin but many who use wet electric shavers; in the shower or in the skin; with some kind of lather, have actually reported back that this works best for those with skin sensitivity. 

Standard Razors

Whether they be in a razor blade fashion or they be a straight edged blade; they are thought to be a little bit less kind to sensitive skin. Speaking from personal experience the quality of your shave with a standard razor really depends on the type of razors that you buy.

"Should I use an electric shaver or standard razor?"
"Should I use an electric shaver or standard razor?"

If you are using a cheap disposable razor then yes you are going to have issues. Even if you don't have sensitive skin, those who opt for less than desirable quality razors could have an issue. Consider the cheap, dull, disposable blade sliding across your face to be akin to the same type of blade cutting your grass - it's not going to end well! If however you are using a high quality blade and you are preparing your face properly then the answer to the question may not be so clear after all. 

Sensitive Skin

For everyone who is shaving, proper preparation is important. Maybe nowhere more so than when you have skin sensitivity issues. It's always wise to wash your face thoroughly before shaving.

"Don't use a cheap disposable razor"
"Don't use a cheap disposable razor"

Usually it's smart shave straight from the shower. This is because you've opened up and cleaned out the pores on your face. Make sure you lather up fully when you are using a blade and make sure that you reapply lather as needed. The next thing you need to do is take your time. If you attack your face willy-nilly you are going to have serious issues. If however you are deliberate and take the time to let the blade move with the contours of your face in a downwards angle, then you can have a satisfying shave with a blade. 

Means to an End

You need to decide what it is you are after with your shaving routine. An electric shave will get you by just fine, just ask electricshaversuk. However straight blade shaves will last longer and get your shave closer than its electric counterpart. Remember one thing! Be it electric shaver or standard razor; buy from a reliable place such as Henrytibbs where quality has not been compromised.

"Move with the contours in a downwards angle"
"Move with the contours in a downwards angle"

The question "Should I use an electric shaver or standard razor when shaving for sensitive skin?" doesn't have an easy answer. You need to experiment with both, ask around with friends or work colleagues who have similar skin types and fail more than once before you know just how your skin will react. 

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