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It’s All White!

I am probably going to get lynched for saying this and I apologise in advance... but I’m afraid David Beckham was not the first one to start the unisex white trainer/Stan Smith trend, despite the attention he received for being seen wearing them recently. Yes I know him and his wife, Victoria, are supposed ‘trend-setters’ however this trend has been running for quite a while, with recognition going to Celine’s Creative Director, Phoebe Philo, who has sported them as a staple in her wardrobe for quite some time!

We have spoken previously on MWS about the growing fan base and amazing revival of the Adidas classic Stan Smith, and I myself are wearing a pair right now, so I won’t focus on these too much.

Lacoste New York Fashion Week 2015
Lacoste New York Fashion Week 2015

However it is hard to ignore the amount of people still wearing them all year round and with the increase in the variety of shoe designs; basketball, baseball, oxford or slip-on, it is difficult to imagine this all-white trainer trend coming to a halt anytime soon. I am certainly not against it! 

With Spring (hopefully!) fast approaching and the cold snap (hopefully!) disappearing, it is time to start thinking about shifting your heavy-duty winter workers boots to the back of the wardrobe and bring out the more light-weight options. Let’s wait a few more months for flip-flops, unless you want to go down the socks and sandals route... the jury is still out... Anyway, perusing the menswear sections of various stores recently, and checking out what is coming out for Spring/Summer 2015, the abundance of white trainers that are/will be hitting the shelves is quite startling.


Many moons ago I might not have been so keen to sport a pair since the view on them was slightly altered to the view of them today. Some of you may still avoid them, but with the great variety of styles available, I ask you to give them a go. 

One of the best ways to wear them, obviously depending on your sense of style, is with dark or light washed slim jeans. A really fresh white pair can look great with a well-styled smart pair of trousers too, especially with a dark navy or black pair for a strong monochrome look. Maybe even go for a crazy choice of sock to really make them stand out! Being a completely neutral colour means they can be worn with ANY colour combination and any print!

Common Projects 2015
Common Projects 2015

Printed shorts, shirts and trousers will be out in force in the shops for high summer so they will be perfect for these if you fancy pushing the boundaries! Perhaps not such a suitable combination for the office though! 

Some key brands that have jumped on the white trainer bandwagon and are currently offering some of my favourite men’s styles are Common Projects, Ami, Prada, Paul Smith and Oliver Spencer. The more high-street versions provided by Vans, Kirk Geiger, Adidas and of course, the classic Converse. If you feel you can’t go all-white and are in need of a splash of colour (and really want to push the boat out expenditure wise!) then definitely check out the in-store-now trainers from Valentino.

Valentino 2015
Valentino 2015

With a wide bold stripe of colour stretching across the width of the shoe and the infamous studs around the bottom of the heel, you are sure to score yourself some luxury fashion brownie points, especially from your fashion-forward girlfriend who will probably want a pair for herself... 

You might still need to get your JML magic eraser out to keep them whiter than white, but get a pair of white trainers in your wardrobe for Spring and be prepared to carry them all the way to Winter. High-top, low-top, leather or canvas, with so many options it will be worth it, trust me.

Bec Loades

With a strong passion for fashion, Bec has retail experience in styling and enjoys researching new style trends and seeking out upcoming menswear brands.

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