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Trends from NYFW to Wear Now

If you’re breathing in the smell of mothballs and eyeing off faded fashion every time you open your wardrobe, it’s time for change. It’s time for you to discover a renewed love of fashion, refresh your look, and let your personality beam through your style in every way possible. The first New York Fashion Week of 2015 showcased collections all about taking risks and having fun. So, if you’re looking to inject some life back into your outfits, why not try to adopt these playful looks from the runway?


Sporty fashion was a huge theme both on and off the NYFW runway. There were letterman jackets, collegiate blazers, subtly pleated skirts, and gym shoes – lots and lots of gym shoes – remade into high-fashion pieces. The designers worked hard to ensure their collections retained a youthful yet sophisticated feel with a mixture of relaxed and tailored pieces and dynamic colours. If you’re all about the sporty look and want to incorporate it into your wardrobe, simply search for a few key pieces and mix them up with what you already have. Browse men’s clothing on sites like universalstore.com to find a great variety of sporty pieces. Youthful fashion retailers have a range of sport-inspired jackets, hats and shoes that will change up any outfit.

Faux Leather 

With faux leather pieces, you can be animal-friendly and on-trend all at once! Biker jackets and oxford shoes were stunning faux leather pieces on the runway. It’s the perfect fabric to incorporate into your wardrobe if you want to radiate an edgy vibe. The key to getting this look right is by teaming faux leather with softer fabrics, like chiffon or cotton. For the guys, layer a biker leather jacket over a patterned shirt and chino shorts. Just go for a relaxed fit of faux leather if you want to avoid that overly tight look.


Military fashion has re-emerged from mainstream hibernation and is looking better than ever. NYFW showcased collections peppered with khaki coloured jackets, overlong yet flattering coats, boots, and sharp-shouldered button-up shirts. One easy way to incorporate this military look into your wardrobe is by layering a khaki jacket over any outfit. You could even subtly play with military fashion by simply donning high or low-cut boots.

What do you think? Are you keen to fit out your wardrobe with these NYFW looks? Or will you be sticking with your current collection of clothes for now? Either way, New York Fashion Week serves as a great reminder of how fashion can be used to showcase personality and flair. Get creative in the comments section below and share how you’d incorporate sporty style, faux leather, or military fashion into your existing wardrobe.


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