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The Spring Coat

We all know spring is a tricky time of the year for fashion. No longer do you need layer upon layer of thermal suffocation, however, we are not quite at the baring-all stage of shorts, t-shirt and not much else. The minefield in-between is a complicated one and something to be approached with caution. Which is why, bagging a lightweight coat should be number one on your spring-time shopping list.

A lightweight jacket is the perfect piece of clothing for the unpredictable weather. I have seen many a man wearing a t-shirt and trousers with their huge winter duffel coat, going from one extreme to the other. When it’s too warm for the winter coat, it is too cold for just the t-shirt. The spring coat is a smart and sophisticated update from your winter outerwear which won’t leave you sweating or freezing.


There are a number of spring coat styles. There are some great light Mac style coats on the market at the moment. Cos and Reiss have nailed the trend with their lightweight jackets which are light and breezy but also waterproof for any unexpected showers. These coats also look really smart and go perfectly with a tailored pair of trousers and brogues for a sophisticated daytime look. 

Alternatively, if you want a casual look to wear with jeans and trainers, there are a number of Rainwear style jackets which will give you a cool Norwegian fisherman look. One of the best brands for this style is Stutterheim who have a great range of styles and colours from bright oranges to muted greys, depending on your mood and style. These jackets are also perfect when thrown over a classic Oxford shirt to give a contemporary feel to a classic look.

"Perfect for the unpredictable weather"
"Perfect for the unpredictable weather"

Finally, another look for a more casual feel is the bomber jacket. I am not talking about the high school jock look, bomber jackets have been given a serious update to a classic, classy wardrobe staple. The new wave of bomber jackets are simple and sleek in neoprene fabrics to update any outfit. Exceptionally easy to wear with almost anything, the simple bomber is definitely here to stay and the ideal transitional piece to move you into spring. Once again, Reiss and Cos are coming up trumps on the high street for this style.

Reiss 2015
Reiss 2015

All in all, dressing for spring is no mean feat and choosing when to make the transition is the hardest part. But ditching your winter coat for a lightweight spring cost is the easiest way to slowly make the move. What will you be wearing?


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