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Introducing the All-Clear Invisible Smartwatch

It may sound like the latest thing from Q branch, but Co-operative Electrical and Hill Valley Technologies have just launched the world’s first invisible smart watch, The All-Clear Scherzo. This breakthrough in ‘Chameleon’ technology ensures this instant timepiece classic remains invisible to the naked eye until you need to use it: tap the watch twice and the fingerprint ID function brings it to life! 

"Here at Co-operative Electrical we’ve been working hard to secure the most innovative products to keep our customers on trend. We feel we have achieved this by being the first retailer to bring the invisible smart watch to market. The next products to follow are a stylish American fridge freezer with a Prosecco dispenser, perfect for entertaining friends and a wireless plug socket for ease around the home."

Made from a custom high-performance elastomer, the All-Clear Scherzo is scratch resistant, water resistant to 50 metres, and even clears your web-history on your home computer the minute your wife logs on. Due to its unique design this watch would go perfectly with a wool-blend double breasted blazer, a vented dark navy jacket, a sombrero, or indeed any apparel of your choosing.

Breakthrough in ‘Chameleon’ technology
Breakthrough in ‘Chameleon’ technology

Among other features, this All-Clear watch has a whistle finder should you misplace it whilst in invisible mode. Simply whistle the melody to "I've had the TIME of my life" as featured in the 80's romantic-musical Dirty Dancing, and it will alert you to its location by playing the saxophone solo in said song. 

It's easy to use with a side mounted tiara design which allows you to navigate through the screens with consummate ease. The watch also provides you with useful information when you need it most - such as weather forecasts in the morning, flight time and gate information before leaving for the airport, and auto-record for anytime Charmaine Sinclair appears on Babestation.

Scratch resistant & water resistant to 50 metres
Scratch resistant & water resistant to 50 metres

Compatible with iOS and Android, this break-through wearable tech piece for £299 is a must have gadget for anyone that fancies themselves as a bit of a British Spy, a KGB agent, a CIA operative, or just a bit of a show-off. 

Key Features  

Guarantee: 12 Months.

Colour: None.

Battery: Not required - watch converts kinetic movement into electrical energy.

Size: One size suits all. Suitable for both sexes.

Usage: 24 hours average usage (at rest) before requiring kinetic movement.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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