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Tyrone Brennand has spent the last 14 years learning, training and teaching within the depths of the health and fitness industry and is now pursuing his lifelong goal to motivate, support and teach others a healthier and realistic way of living. His determination, Commitment and innovative fitness programs have made him a sought after personal trainer, training the likes of David Gandy.

If you could train anywhere where would you train? 

“For me the Philippines. This is where a lot of my family come from so it would be great to train somewhere that has connections to me.”

Tyrone Brennand
Tyrone Brennand

We know you are good friends with Male Model David Gandy, have you ever worked with him? 

“Yes me and David are very good friends, we meet a lot and discuss different exercises. He’s very supportive and a great guy to speak with.” 

If so how did he find the session and what’s his favourite body part to train?  

“He really likes shoulders. He has one particular exercise that he likes which I’ve shown him.” 

As a personal trainer you must get a lot of questions about training. What’s the funniest? 

“Definitely about losing fat. People expect to get results fast. So normally it’s getting in shape in a very small time which is unrealistic.”

David Gandy
David Gandy

You must spend a lot of time in gyms and see people doing some ridiculous things. 

“I’ve seen people try and lift a lot of weight which really isn’t what they should be doing. One guy tried to squat way too much. He made it about 3inches down then celebrated.” 

What’s your pet hate in the gym? 

“That’s a tough one but I would have to say it’s seeing underwear lying around. Hygiene in gyms is important, plus a lot of the time it’s not even nice underwear.”

What’s your favourite Bio product? 

“Definitely essential sports fuel. When I do really heavy sessions this helps me recover faster. I notice it a lot more when I’m not using it as I feel sore but this is a must for me.” 

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