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Unwanted Body Hair? Opt for Laser Hair Removal

Men should be hairy to look masculine. This is a statement that most people believe, however if your body hair is excessive, it can be pretty embarrassing. Excessive body and facial hair growth is medically termed as hypertrichosis. Many men suffer from this problem but thankfully, now you do not have to live with unwanted body and facial hair. There is now a treatment that is the perfect solution for this problem.

Laser Hair Removal 

Most people assume it is just ladies that want to get rid of unwanted hair. On the contrary, there are increasingly more men who would like to have smooth and hair-free skin as well.

While some may opt for laser hair removal due to professional needs, like in the case of those men who pursue modelling as a career, there are others who want to go in for laser hair removal purely for cosmetic needs. For such men, the ideal way to get rid of unwanted hair is by opting for laser hair removal. It is a quick and painless method to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. It's a great way to minimise unwanted hair from the back, buttocks, chest and face. Once you finish the treatment, you will be amazed at the results. You will love your smooth, hair-free and clear skin. 

What to Expect? 

When you are opting for something new like this, you will have several doubts in your mind. However, if you know what laser hair removal for men entails, you will be more relaxed about the procedure. Read on to find out what's involved.

Like any other skin treatment, laser hair removal begins with an initial consultation. An experienced and knowledgeable skin expert will always make an effort to find out your requirements and suggest a suitable treatment to meet your expectations. In addition, this initial consultation is a good way to address your doubts and concerns. Before you have the laser treatment, it is important to also have a skin test patch done. This will allow the expert to see how your skin will react to the treatment. 

As the name suggests, laser hair removal uses a laser (light pulses), and you may experience a slight tingling or stinging sensation during the procedure, but this sensation is bearable and does not call for topical anaesthesia. The duration of the treatment is dependent on the area being treated e.g. Cheeks hardly take any time, but you should be ready for a long treatment session if you are doing your full back. The skin expert will let you know the number of sessions you will require to get the desired results.

Are You a Suitable Candidate? 

This is a question that crosses the mind of just about any man who decides to go for this method. Laser hair removal is more successful among men who have darker coloured hair. So, if you have light brown, dark brown, black or dark blonde hair, the treatment will most likely be successful. Usually, men with red, white, grey and blonde hair should not have laser hair removal, as the treatment will not be very effective. 

If you are looking to remove unwanted body and facial hair, look no further than The Laser Treatment Clinic on Harley St., London. With the latest laser system, this clinic uses sophisticated laser technology to seamlessly remove unwanted hair. 

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