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Dashing & Co Polygon Collection

When it comes to dressing smart and creating that overall ‘dapper’ look you really need to focus on the finer details and finishing touches. With something as simple as a pocket square you can dress up a tailored suit or blazer with jeans for the smarter side of casual. It is also a way making the same suit a versatile staple by changing up pocket squares and ties.

Dating back to the 1920s, the pocket square was designed for formal attire, formerly a handkerchief which was placed in their trouser and chest pockets. It since evolved purely as a fashion accessory.

"100% silk and hand rolled"
"100% silk and hand rolled"

Today, the pocket square is on the rise and a suit often looks incomplete without one. Just like women like to wear a necklace or earrings to complement their dress, a pocket square should be treated in the same way. Dashing & Co create innovative pocket squares made from 100% silk and hand rolled. For those not familiar with the brand, Dashing & Co were founded late in 2014 and strive to create traditional style items with a modern contemporary flair; whilst still committing to high quality. The brand also offers a range of leather goods, such as credit card holders, ties and collar stays. Their main aim is to create accessories for the sophisticated modern man.

"A variety of colours and style"
"A variety of colours and style"

Their collection of pocket squares in the Polygon Collection feature a ‘Poly Pattern’ which is unique in that they offer a variety of colours and styles from just one pocket square by the fold. This clever feature makes them adaptable dependent on the shirt, tie and jacket combination of your outfit. There are a huge variety of ways to fold a pocket square and you’ll be best watching online videos to master each technique. Some styles look better with certain suits or occasions e.g. the straight fold is the most basic and the most formal of styles, and likely to be in white cotton or linen.

Puff fold
Puff fold

Alternatively, try one peak or two peak folds if you want to remain more traditional with a bit of character. However for the modern delicate silk offered in this collection by Dashing & Co and for the best exposure of colours throughout, the ‘puff fold’ works great. Simply pinch the middle gathering the bottom of the fabric and place in the chest pocket so it sits loosely. With the array of colours and soft silk fabric this style can work with both a three piece or just with an unbuttoned shirt and blazer perfect for the summer weather.


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