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Japanese Supper Club

If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine and fancy dining in a relaxed sociable atmosphere, check out the Japanese Supper Club who are providing an evening of unique contemporary Japanese dishes in tasting portions every Friday night until the end of June. I got a bottle of wine for £20 and tee'd off with a Soft Tofu with Wild Rocket & Red Shiso in Tsuyu Marinade. I refrained from divulging my one tofu gag to the waitress, instead just chuckled to myself as I recited it internally. I lanced the tofu with my chopsticks and it fell apart like a clown’s car. But once I figured out how to use the chopsticks properly I found the slippery dish very flavoursome. I didn't have to hang around between courses thankfully as I'd dodged lunch purposely.

The Udon Noodle with Smoked Mackerel and Mixed Seaweeds was another tricky customer to negotiate. I apologised to the nearby diners who got caught in the crossfire as the noodles whipped around my chops, lashing the sesame dressing to all four corners of the table.

The main event arrived, the reason why I was here. The infamous Saikyo-miso Marinated Salmon. Reportedly the best salmon in London according to several critics who know their onions. "Our saikyo miso marinated salmon has been continuously on the menu since our first event about 1 year ago" claimed Chef Ugo, talking exclusively to MWS. "Our recipe has been studied and improved many times and we are confident in saying that it is possibly the best salmon you can eat in London today." 

This may have been a bold brag because I had a banging Salmon and Watercress sandwich from a deli down in Battersea only the day before (And it was out of date). However, Ugo has a right to be confident. If that Salmon was a song lyric it would have shot the sheriff and the deputy. Crisp, yet succulent, tender and splendid. I had just enough room for a selection of Japanese deserts before leaving the club immensely satiated, and a little pissed. Don't miss out and book yourself in whilst tickets remain.


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