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Why You Should Wear Monk Strap Shoes

One of the most standout shoes a man can own are monk straps, and their versatility means you can wear them for most occasions today. So with either a double strap and buckle fastening or minimal single strap they're a perfect option for both a smart occasion or day-to-day wear. This type of shoe is offered in a range of styles including brogues, loafers, boots and more. So, for those who are bored of investing in a traditional lace up, these are a great refreshing alternative.

Firstly, since the Monk strap is mainly a smart shoe, let’s talk about the smarter side of the spectrum. You can wear them with all types of formal trousers and they usually look better with a turned up cuff so the buckles are in full show.

By having your trousers cuffs sitting a little higher (with help from a tailor), it is also a great way to show off fancy socks. However, as we're currently in the summer season you may want to go for the sockless look by buying some hidden socks. For smart occasions make sure you go for a black or brown model and pair with a three-piece suit. There are also a few key style factors to take into consideration to avoid looking like your grandad. 

For the modern man, opt for a double monk strap, keep to slim fitting suits and for a more traditional classic look, wear a single monk strap. There's a large variety of designs and colour options available, so make sure you buy into a pair which will best suit your outfit. For example, a stone suede or tan style you can brighten up a navy suit. The idea is to slightly contrast your outfit with the shoe since the buckle should be a main focus of a look.

If you are looking for a casual Monk strap shoe style, bear in mind you don’t have to wear them with suit trousers, however this does mean that choosing a certain (more casual) type of monk strap would be more appropriate. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or chinos (both should be slim fitting). We recommend choosing a pair with double straps with buckles further apart from each other as this is a more contemporary design. Colour wise, avoid black since naturally this would make them look dressier, and alternatively there is the option of the boot style or distressed style for ultra casual aesthetic. 

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