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Discover Wood’d Smartphone Cases

Wood’d is a unique design-led lifestyle brand focused on wooden accessories. The company launched in 2012 thanks to the creativity and productive skills of brothers, Andrea and Stefano Aschieri - the idea came from the desire to create something together, starting from the know-how that has been characterising their family’s business for 40 years, aiming to produce wooden accessories for the fashion industry.

Forgotten Pleasures 

In ‘Forgotten Pleasures’ Wood’d introduces a group of sophisticated personalities, composed of complex identities and sharp characters, whose stories have created a recognisable aesthetic, starting from the elegance of the European cultural gatherings in the 40’s to billboards between the streets of New York back to the 50’s.

The characters reveal all of their passions, pleasures, vices, romanticisms and mystery’s. Their faces tell us about the distorted places they lived in, clothes they loved to wear, exotic adventures and their most tragic experiences. 


Inspired by the purity of geometry, Wood’d tried to adapt it to the strength of their materials. The result is a set of geometric patterns and designs, laser-cut and hand-finished to create movement and depth to all their accessories.


Wood’d aims not only to offer a wide range of products but also to enable their community to experience every aspect of their work. To do so, Wood’d started a series of Workshops focused on digital manufacturing. The first Wood’d Workshop aimed to learn the basics of laser-cut wood manufacture and transforming ideas into products in only two days.

“The next Wood’d period will be focused on experimenting new ways of designing innovative and inspiring products and cecoming more focused on hi-tech related fashion items. Our particular customer comes from the cities’ creative industries, and are enthusiastic about Design and Lifestyle. You can find our products at DoShop and Conran Shop in London” - Stefano Aschieri.


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