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The World’s First Car with Remote Parking

The BMW 7 Series is the world's first car to include technology that will allow owners to remotely park the car from outside of the vehicle. Using the 7 Series Display Key, drivers can use the touchscreen display to turn it into a fully interactive remote control to park the car and reverse out of a space with ease. It isn’t just outside of the car that’s getting the futuristic treatment… it will also be the first car to feature gesture control within the car.

the vehicle is able to recognise simple hand gestures using either your palm or single digits, the car’s iDrive infotainment system can recognise gestures as commands, enabling drivers to answer the phone, dismiss calls and even change tracks.

Other standout innovations include the extension of the iDrive system to include a touch display and BMW gesture control, as well as touch command, BMW Head-Up Display, crossing traffic warning, steering and lane control assistant, active side collision protection and Surround View with 3D View. Driving in a BMW 7 Series’ is an indulgent experience. Passengers in the back of the car can control functions of the car from a seven-inch tablet and enjoy videos streamed over the car’s Wi-Fi hot spot on the two 10-inch screens.

The massage function within the car includes eight different massage programs with different levels of intensity which are designed to relax and stimulate the muscles in the regions of the body that can be individually selected. In the rear, it additionally offers a ‘Vitality Program’ that has been specially devised for the new BMW 7 Series and allows the passengers to engage in active training to revitalise the body on longer journeys.

To complete the experience is interior mood lighting and a range of fragrances including Naturalness of Lush Grass and Waft of Pure Water Pearls. Another new feature is BMW Laserlight, a dazzle-free pure weight light that provides a high-beam range of 600 metres, double that of the LED headlights.


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