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Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire and Tea

About five years ago I was strutting around my bedsit, drunk, with only a half pint of milk and a quart of cheap amaretto to my name. Most people would have called it a night, maybe a life, but not this fashion blogger. Now I'm not comparing it to Einstein's Eureka moment when he discovered the theory of relativity, but I like to think my Eureka moment of fusing the milk with the amaretto pushed the boundaries of mixology and paved the way for future drinkers living on the breadline. But the history of blending two outstanding craftsmanship's didn't begin with me, in my bath robe, sloped on a beat-up futon in my bedsit.

For years people have been enjoying marrying the aromatic notes of tea with the softening flavours of a cognac or liqueur. And now you can sample the goods yourself since one of the pioneers of cognac liqueurs (Grand Marinier) have teamed up with The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz London to to commemorate the launch of their new bottle; Cuvée du Centenaire’s.

This distinctive tasting ritual beautifully enhances the complexity of the outstanding Cuvée. An ice mould is filled with Oolong tea, which has been perfectly matched to the orange and Cognac notes, creating an aromatic tea infused ice ball (Take that Tom Cruise). The Cuvée du Centenaire liqueur is then poured over the ice ball to produce an exceptional serve that enhances the tasting experience by bringing the aromas to new heights.

Aficionados in the field of mixing tea with alcoholic drinks also recommend an alternative way to enjoy this experience and that is to combine (but not mix) the drinks. That is when a cup of tea adjoins a glass of alcohol and you alternate one drink with another, allowing the contrast of each drink to address and awaken many parts of the palette. Tea and brandy are amazingly great combinations of noble drinks and this experience is offered to enjoy exclusively in The Rivoli Bar for the month of June priced at £35. A wonderful gift for Father’s Day, and an experience you can share. 

Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire is available to purchase from luxury retailers Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason, and online at The Whisky Exchange, priced from £79.95.


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