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Photography by Serena Gallorini

Less is More at Pitti Uomo

Between 16 to 19 of June the Florentine Fortezza da Basso became the headquarters of cool hunters from all over the world. Under the title of “Pitti Color”, a pale sun and some unexpected drops of rain, few significant signals suggested that a little but relevant change is taking place in men’s apparel. While beards together with streetwear may be the first to fade in the forthcoming seasons – even though some relevant brands for men’s care and grooming were exhibiting alongside strong names from the urban culture – a preppy attitude is emerging back.

Rediscovering the motto “less is more”, men will be elegant and confident wearing bright colours and few accessories. Simplicity will be synonym of elegance and the only opulence will be left to the high quality of the materials that create each part of the look.

Even the events gravitating around Pitti brought a sense of duplicity. While Moschino brought his carrousel made of chains, prints and overdressing (in addition to a list of special guests which included Katy Perry), Angelo Flaccavento built up the exhibition “Il Signor Nino” dedicated to the Italian master of tailoring - Nino Cerruti. In addition, Polimoda the fashion school directed by Linda Loppa, set a show where the conceptual orientation of the students featured – a long list of references from a way of conceiving fashion that leaves no doubt about the method of taking the best from the past and modelling it for the present.

Many are the “plus” signs of this edition - more buyers, more countries, more visitors and a special interest from northern Europe. This latest trend is perfectly aligned with the sense of minimising men’s figures.

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