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Photography by Craig Landale

Introducing The Gentleman Floris Grooming Collection

In the heart of Piccadilly London lies Jermyn Street, the destination for Gentlemen’s styling. Found At its centre, at No. 89, is Floris, renowned perfumer and home to iconic men’s fragrance for nearly 300 years. Today, their experience in scent meets a new skincare expertise with The Gentleman Floris; the perfect blend of understated style and substance. Floris has created in ‘The Gentleman Floris’ a range of high quality skincare and grooming products to cater to the tradition of the daily routine with the impeccable results of a British perfumery institution.

They are composers who respect the dedication required for their industry’s craft. Floris’ approach is a blend of science and understanding, where rich history of craftsmanship is met with modern practices at their family-owned premises in Devon, England. The brand believes this is time well spent, as every Gentleman knows, dedicating time to the morning routine without haste or clamour, brings an added sense of wellbeing and satisfaction throughout the day.

The Floris story is unique. It is built on a history of creation, family values and a long lasting and effecting relationship with customers. Sophisticated and understated, their elegance is born from experience, not artifice. “We are a whisper not a shout. We understand the emotive power of fragrance and the time honoured tradition of grooming. Nine generations later, our location at the very heartbeat of gentleman’s style and fashion gives us the perfect viewpoint to launch The Gentleman Floris.” 

We picked out three new release products from the release which caught our eye. Upon testing them out for a few days, we were inspired by the textured packaging, product design and most importantly the fresh and powerful product formula within. We aimed to capture what it means to be a gentleman living and working in London. Whilst the city rapidly changes as each year goes by, there are certainly things which don’t change at all. We hold onto etiquettes, manners, traditions and habits whilst embracing classic style essentials which have been used for many generations.

No. 89 Face Wash - A gentle foaming face wash to cleanse, purify and refresh skin daily whether in preparation for shaving at night or to alert and awaken your skin for the day ahead in the morning. A blend of British extracts of willow, hops and oat provide a softening effect whilst cleansing, leaving the skin feeling comfortable. We particularly like the masculine yet subtle scent of this product. 

No. 89 Shaving Oil - A power-packed oil with a silky texture for an exceptionally smooth shave which feels like you’ve visited your barber. A premium blend of British blackcurrant, borage and rapeseed oils soften the facial hair whilst sea starwort oil and vitamin E help to soothe and protect the skin during and after the process. The tube is also a perfect size for travelling, particularly for men who travel light. 

No. 89 Facial Moisturiser - A lightweight moisturising formula enriched with British extracts of willow, hops and oat, combined with a premium blend of blackcurrant, borage and rapeseed oils to relax and soothe the skin. Persian silk tree extract helps to leave the skin looking refreshed all day long. We like how this moisturiser is easy to apply and doesn’t leave the face looking greasy.


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