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Get Set For Summer with These Seasonal Watches

The summer has finally arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to dress up for a range of different sun-kissed events and occasions. For many men, this is the time to choose a stunning summer watch which can compliment your new wardrobe and stand out, both for days at the beach and evenings in a beer garden. With expert knowledge from Banks Lyon, the luxury jewellers based in Lancaster, we’ve been able to put together a guide of the best watches for summer 2015.

Alpina Diver 300 Automatic (Orange) 

If your blood runs thick with the spirit of adventure, then summer is the time for exploring earth’s beautiful oceans and forests. If you want to do it in style then the Alpina Diver 300 Automatic is a tough and technically excellent watch that will not only withstand the pressures of a life being lived out to the max, but also ensure that you’re never stranded without access to one of our most basic commodities: time. For those of you who plan to make a splash, the Alpina Diver 300 Automatic is waterproof up to a depth of 300 metres, and since Alpina are famed for making watches which are both durable and comfortable this is also the perfect watch for a long trek. Although there are several colour options available, we think that orange is the perfect choice to compliment the sunshine.


TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage 

With its steel and gold strap and 18ct solid gold bezel, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heritage watch is absolutely ideal when you want to make a fantastic impression, whether at a summer interview or on that crucial first date. Light and breezy in design, but substantial in its technology and build, it helps you to appear both immaculate and effortless in your style. Much of the beauty of the Carrera Heritage watch is in the detail: the face, for instance, has an intricate flinque finish which simply can’t be rivalled for aesthetic appeal. If this summer is calling on you to stand out from the crowd, then do it with TAG Heuer.

Tag Heuer
Tag Heuer

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime Watch 

Perhaps summer brings out the wanderlust that’s been lying dormant throughout the long winter months – and if that’s the case, there’s no watch that will live up to your needs quite like this stunning offering from Breitling. The gorgeous globe logo emblazoned onto the face seems to draw us back to the days of early international exploration, while the high horological standards bring us straight back into the 21st Century. The most inspiring and unusual feature of the Transocean Chronograph Unitime watch is the fact that it provides an instant indication of the time in all 24 time zones – ideal if you’re going to be travelling a lot, or if you’re spending the summer away from a loved one and want to keep track of both time zones at once.


Chopard Monaco Historique Power Control Watch 

Summer can be a time for traversing the globe or meeting new people, but it can also be a time for relaxing in your deck chair or at a barbecue, soaking up some sun. We think that the Chopard Monaco Historique Power Control Watch’s yellow detailing, 46 hour power reserve and sturdy leather strap make it absolutely perfect for drifting off under the warm glow of a hot summer sun. The Chopard Monaco Historique also has water-resistance up to 100 metres, crucial if you’re planning a day trip to the beach, and a robust titanium and steel case.


Choosing the perfect watch can give you confidence and control this summer, so whatever occasion you’re shopping for, make sure you spend some time thinking about what look and feel will be right for you. With so many fantastic watches available right now, there has never been a better time to let summer influence your style.


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