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Belly Full of Yoga

For most people the thought of trying to throw your ankles behind your ears shortly after nailing a 7 course meal is hardly the done thing. Luckily the Belly Full of Yoga club, in conjunction with the Retreat Cafe on Kingly court, Soho, insist on putting the yoga before the feasting. Belly Full of Yoga is the brainchild of Cal and John who wanted to bring people together by fusing food and yoga in one big social and shared experience. John and Cal teach at some of the same yoga studios in London and bonded over not only their passion for yoga, but their down to earth attitudes and their curious sense of humours. After a few belly laughs, Belly Full of Yoga was created.

For those that believe yoga is just a place for men to convene and oogle supple women as they contort their bodies into suggestive positions, then Belly Full of Yoga completely dispels that myth.

"Sugar free sweet treats"
"Sugar free sweet treats"

Yoga is not only about learning to control your farts, it's about balance, lifestyle, suppressing one's anxiety and if done correctly, a good workout. After you practice a fun dynamic yoga session followed by a slower restorative yin practice, you then get to sit down and relax further with some delicious food. The Retreat Cafe compliments the yoga class perfectly by providing a menu designed to nourish your body and your mind. For those that paid the £30 admission you could help yourself to some cold pressed juices, fresh salads and sugar free sweet treats. Cal and John taught a dynamic, powerful and challenging class which was smattered with a good dose of Northern humour. They also teach a strong anatomically based vinyasa class and a calming, nourishing yin practice with a down to earth approach and no nonsense attitude.


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