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Newly launched British label FIER goes beyond the current offering of slim fit shirts, filling the gap in the market for quality, ready-to-wear, fitted shirts for the athletic man and the modern gent. Men are spending an increasing amount of time and effort investing into their bodies and their general health. The modern man spends hours training in the gym, competing in sport and ensuring his diet is spot on, but it comes at a price – ill-fitting shirts. The FIER motto, Fit is Everything, combines the brand’s passion for great fitting shirts with a healthy lifestyle.

FIER is French for proud, that proud as a peacock feeling, demonstrated by the peacock feather of the branding. It’s how you feel after working hard in the gym, you’re seeing results, your physique has changed and then you slip on a shirt that fits you like a glove. Not only does it make you look and feel fantastic but it allows you to move comfortably and freely without worrying that a wrong move will leave you in tatters.

At Menswear Style we know the benefits of wearing well fitted clothes. Garments that glide on smoothly and allow us to move easily make us feel better. We know we look good and it makes us feel more confident. The FIER design allows additional room for movement in the chest, shoulders and arms combined with darts at the back to tailor to the narrower waist. This unique design resolves the familiar issues of buying a shirt to have it fit at the waist while it is then too tight at the chest, or from buying a shirt too big to accommodate the chest and it then billowing at the waist. The design on their shirts is immaculate and you can feel the quality and care that has gone into creating the product – from the premium fabric, fantastic fit sizing, down to the super sleek packaging.

We‘re big fans of British brands and admire FIER’s ethos of pledging only to work with high quality and local suppliers. Their shirts are hand-crafted in Scotland using the finest Italian cotton combined with the prestigious Liberty London fabric for the detailing. Another stand out detail is that the shirts are finished with engraved mother of pearl buttons. It’s these touches that truly differentiate the label from anything else we’ve seen. Each shirt in the collection can be incorporated into both day-to-day wear and smarter looks for the office. We love the deep plum and blue for evenings and weekends, while the classic light blue and pink go with any suit combination. FIER is a welcome and much needed addition to the menswear fashion scene and one to watch.


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