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Fob Paris, A Unique Way of Making Time

Is it possible for a watch to let you lose the sense of time? The answer is certainly "yes" if you're wearing a Fob Paris timepiece. This isn't because it loses power or breaks easily - their jewellery designs are a masterpiece made by a team of three creative engineers. The objects designed by this French trio unveil at every glance all the care of high craftsmanship together with a touch of style that is as spontaneous as it is flattering for the eye of their keeper.

Born in Paris in 2011, the brand owes its establishment to Aurélien, Laurent and Sari, friends and university mates. In 2009 they saw one of their best friends with his grandfather’s pocket watch and were enthralled by such a timeless, charming item. They understood that this would be the perfect medium to channel their creativity.

Breaking away from traditional watch brands, Fob Paris envisions its creations with a very distinctive approach. Supported by a technical team, the three designers draw a universe in which they carefully shape each silhouette by choosing the perfect material and colour, reinterpreting classical pieces from the watchmaking tradition. In their Parisian workshop, Aurélien, Laurent and Sari assemble every fob watch which is then distributed to a selected number of boutiques around the world. There are at least 21 jewels in each watch; mineral glass with different treatments, stainless steel and Italian leather, just to list some of the principal "ingredients" of every model.

In a small lapse of time, measured with the typical automatic skeleton movement of their watches, the brand gained the attention of the world of art and partnered with three masters of our time such as the graffiti artist Nasty, the jewelry designer Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier and Erik Halley. The brand showed its third collection, named post-Rehab, at Pitti uomo 88. It is a full immersion in a futuristic world where the shapes of the models presented find new cases and different solutions to entertain the eye. Moreover, Fob Paris have added a small complementary jewellery selection which is a mix between the XIX century spirit and the contemporary obsession for the uniqueness that makes you different.

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