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Introducing Newgate Watches

A British based brand with a determination to produce fashion watches that stand apart from the current market, Newgate have created a collection that is stylishly robust and markedly different, with just a little bit of British eccentricity rolled into the mix. Newgate are renowned within the homeware arena for their cult large-scale, statement clocks which grace the walls of lifestyle and interior shoots on a regular basis. Little surprise perhaps that they should translate these years of experience in making distinctive and iconic time wear into the launch of their first fashion watch collection this summer.

Drawing inspiration from the design ideologies upon which Newgate was founded, these are retro inspired watches amped up to epic proportions, featuring rebelliously oversized dials and unapologetically deep casings. The collection boasts 10 different watch sub-groups with choices of dial size and strap composition meaning you can tailor a look that is individual and perfectly aligned with your style.

With the devil in the detail and this collection brims with distinctive finishing touches; from signature red leather lined straps, emblematic metal bracelets and splashes of vibrant colour on dials. Every aspect has been carefully and painstakingly considered, from the positioning of a heavily engineered lug or deeply knurled rotating bezel on The Bulldog, to the styling of the railway chapter ring and full chronograph on The Ship. Starting from only £119 the wide choice of styles means you can build your Newgate collection timepiece by timepiece, adding a colour pop here and a classic roman dial there until you have a collection unique to you, and suitable for every mission you undertake.

Showing to the Menswear world for the first time at Jacket Required this summer, this is the start of an exciting new direction for the British brand and it’s ardent followers. To view the full collection visit newgatewatches.com and use code 'Newgatelovesmwstyle' before the end of August to get 20% off.


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