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Men’s Grooming & Manscaping Tips for Summer

I am sure many of you will be taking a summer vacation soon and we often encounter problem such as dry skin, brittle hair and what to do with unwanted body hair. Just like the winter months there are things we can do during summer to make the best of your grooming regime.

Taking care of your skin and hair 

First and foremost, always stay clean and tidy. It’s easy to maintain good skin and hair if you have regular haircuts, frequently visit your barber for beard grooming as well as showering regularly - as naturally your body will be sweating more so taking more than one shower a day will not harm you. Think about which deodorants to use too, so if you’re working out at the gym or you're out in the sun you’ll need something stronger than your usual choice. You can also use foot powder which prevents your feet from sweating even when wearing socks. As for your hair, men often neglect conditioning their hair so make sure you condition it daily to lock in lost moisture from dry air and sea salt.


In recent years it’s become more and more acceptable for men to ‘groom’ other areas of their body and it seems the more men travel, the more they are removing hair from areas which were once seen as ‘feminine’ such as the legs and underarms. There is still a strong opinion men should still keep hair in these areas, but it is becoming a changeable personal preference.


More and more men are getting waxed frequently and not necessarily in just the most obvious places. There are many home waxing kits you can buy, however we recommend you get it done professionally - simply for the fact they know the correct ways to remove the hair to prevent in-grown hairs and to protect the skin properly. Ultimately over time, waxing weakens the root of the hairs so the more often you have it done the hair will lessen, perfect if this is the desired effect you want. Areas in which are ok for waxing are eyebrows, back, back of the neck, chest and genital areas.

Hair Removal Cream 

This is easily completed at home if you don’t want to spend too much money professionally. Recommendations are Veet or Nair for men; both are leading hair removal creams which get the job done pretty fast. Just be careful in certain sensitive areas as there have been many off-putting stories where men have experienced burning.


A lot of women say these are quite painful but no less than waxing, it’s a mechanical device which pulls the hairs from the root, so again this will lessen growth in time. This is probably a little more time consuming and doesn’t work so well on shorter hair. It will leave some hairs behind and so it works best on smaller areas. Lastly, there are other alternatives such as electrolysis and laser removal which are more costly and more time consuming but benefit from longer lasting effects, however the procedures are much more complex.


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