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A Guide to Men’s Facial Hair Shapes

Okay, so I think we have all understood that the beard trend is gone and while designer stubble never really left, it seems a clean shave is becoming increasingly popular. Contrary to the grooming trends out there, there is a specific style for each face shape when it comes to facial hair.

Square Face

If you have a square face shape you need to concentrate on accentuating certain areas that will create a more structured look. For example your jawline and cheek bones; to do this you can grow stubble (an all over beard) but keep the cut close to the face, which can be done with clippers after a few weeks initial growth. You can also add more dimension but styling it around your mouth with a razor after a quick trip to the barbers for professional styling.

Rectangle Face 

This face shape works in a similar way to the square shape in that there isn’t much definition although it’s likely your face is quite slender and long - so you want to avoid being clean shaven. If you have a beard this will help to shorten the face and create the illusion that your face is slightly wider. Grow a rugged looking beard, this will mean your face will seem less angular. It’s not hard to maintain just trim it down every few days with the clippers.

Round Face 

The illusion you want to create here is a face that is more masculine and structured. So avoid an overall beard or no beard at all. Take a trip to a grooming specialist and maybe keep to a small beard at just your chin area with a moustache. If you have a round face and small features, stubble all over will make them look smaller. Keep your neck and jawline clean shaven or shorter to enhance the features in these areas, so ensure you invest in a good razor to get a smooth close shave.

Triangular Face 

Men that have a pointy chin and are self-conscious of it can disguise it with facial hair. Grow a fuller beard all over, this will be more masculine and will add body to the lower part of your face; balancing your face out over all. It’s a simple style to maintain as it doesn’t need more grooming, but keep it fairly tidy and shave the areas around your neck for stray hairs for a tidier and more professional look.

Oval Face 

It is believed this is the best face shape a man can have so you’re pretty lucky if you fall into this category. You can choose almost any style of the above, and with that in mind you can also go for a cleaner stubble look too, especially if you have a good jawline and cheek bones as your face doesn’t need any further structuring.


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