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3 Quick Ways to Up Your Denim Game

Denim, the one fabric in fashion that’ll always be our go-to, our first port of call, our first love. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, durable, and ultimately very versatile. It’s one of those materials which grows appeal the more it’s worn and without a doubt the most popular style is the timeless t-shirt and jeans combo. You’ve probably already got it mastered, so with that being said, here’s a guide to upping your denim game.

Buy a Denim Jacket 

This is undoubtedly the biggest staple in your wardrobe which can often be a headache to style. To battle this, simply style it with skinny or slim-fit jeans, chinos or casual trousers. Keep the colours muted with blacks, greys, or light neutrals like sand or white. Rock with a classic crew neck tee, Henley top or long-sleeved shirt, and throw your jacket over the top for a simple, go-to look that any man can pull off.

Wear Dressed-up Jeans 

Jeans will always offer a slim silhouette in comparison to tailored trousers, and are also a much comfier option; creating a balance between a comfortable, relaxed style and looking sleek. The key to dressing your jeans up is to pick your style – consider a slim cut, in a dark wash, and combine with a pair of loafers, a long-sleeved white shirt and a lightweight blazer for a smart-casual outfit that speaks volumes.

Go Double Denim 

This combo doesn’t have the best rep due to some well-known celebrity style disasters. The main rules for tackling double-denim is to opt for different washes of denim so you don’t look like a blue blob of denim. Try a bleached denim jacket with indigo jeans, and a dark denim blazer with a lighter-tone blue denim shirt. Remember, contrast is key here.


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