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In Conversation with Frank Gallucci

Originally from Calabria in the South of Italy Frank Gallucci began his fashion path two years ago when he started his style blog. In that short space of time and having relocated to Milan, his following has increased greatly and not just amongst Italians. With the help of Milan Fashion Week and Pitti Uomo he has created an international name. Menswear Style spoke with Frank who is inspiring us everyday with his unique style and his take on modern styling with a classical flair.

So, what inspired you to start your style blog? 

"Two years ago I was a model but with this I couldn’t expose my true style. Above all, my interest was with style and menswear so I decided to begin my blog, and to be sincere with you, I didn’t ever think it would reach this popularity in such a short space of time."

You often say, ‘Style has no rules’, where do you find your inspiration to dress well on a daily basis? 

"Well, I think that it’s important to dress well everyday or at least to try out a new outfit; it depends on what I am doing. When I say 'style has no rules, just personality' it means that everyone of us can dress as he prefers. Of course I know there are rules about dresscodes, but in general I often try to be original and different."  

It is a big thing to Italian people to dress well, not necessarily to wear ‘alta moda’ but for quality, what is the most important thing for you when looking for something new to buy? 

"The most important things are price and quality. I am saying this because I often see big companies with high prices but lacking in quality. I often find smaller companies can find the right balance. When I need to buy something new I always think how I can style the item, otherwise I risk just buying something I can only wear for a specific occasion."

What is your favorite item of clothing? Something you own or something you like to wear? 

"My favorite is definitely trousers. I love to wear high waisted trousers (with pleats) with sneakers or stylish shoes. I adore the comfort given from the pleats."  

People look to you as a style icon, who inspires you? 

"To be called a 'style icon' is an exaggeration but it makes me so happy because I am working hard. I don’t have a specific person who inspires me but I have a lot of style icons such as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Marcello Mastroianni and Gianni Agnelli. However, I take more inspiration from the everyday people on the street and not just men too. For example a few days ago I saw a beautiful girl wearing a great combination of colours - in that moment I had a great outfit idea for myself."  

What were you doing before you began your style blog? 

"I started this adventure two years ago just before I finished my degree in political and economic science in Perugia. I was a co-owner of an import-export company, but considering my strong passion for style I decided to start the blog."

When did you recognise that it was successful and you had created a name for yourself? 

"One year ago, after Pitti and Milan fashion week I saw that I was in a lot of magazines and I was beginning to understand that maybe I was on the right path. After a year my points of view, style, knowledge of fabric and social marketing had improved vastly. My social networks are going crazy at the moment. But that being said, I work hard everyday and I never give up."  

What are your plans to expand in the future? 

"To increase my exposure, so this means every day I share more for those who follow me; outfits, experiences, travels, beauty, style, new ideas. In September I will be in New York for Fashion Week. Right now I have a lot of work to do during my holiday because I am making changes to my website; it will be more dynamic. I plan to share this before going to New York. For the rest of the year I plan to cover all the important fashion weeks and then we will see..."


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