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Introducing Sneakers-ER

Clean footwear is just my thing. I tend to keep them in their original boxes and feeling the love, I keep them as clean as the day I got them. Evidently, I am a big believer in protecting my footwear - so I spend a lot of money on kits which extend life span (having over 40 in rotation also helps a little too). No matter how hard one tries you will end up with scuffs and you can’t always stop people stepping on your feet. Being in the industry, you quickly get to know the latest gadgets and products and I was happy to discover SneakersER.

I was at a party talking about how I wish I could get some of my favourite trainers cleaned like new, when someone overheard and pointed me in the direction of Rob, one of the founders of SneakersER. After talking to him I knew I had found something worth sharing with the world, from professional cleaning to sneaker sole replacement, SneakersER will have you covered.

SneakersER was set up by Al and Rob, two longterm friends from Glasgow with extensive backgrounds in sneakers/trainers. Al has a history with trainers going back to the mid 80s during the football 'Casuals' culture and in 2012 he co-wrote the hugely successful 'DRESSERS' book which featured many Adidas, Diadora, Puma and Nike sneakers belonging to Al and OG adi aficionado Kerso, Ricky and Matt. 

The book is regarded by many as the "Bible" of 80s Casuals culture. Al was previously a sneaker buyer for a Glasgow store and he's currently the owner of The Clyde Works / Direct Leather Supplies. Rob is well known on social media as "Glasgowrob" and he is regarded by many as one of the world's best sneaker restorers. His 'sole' transplants and 're-shapes' are the stuff of legend.

In 2013 they both made a decision to bring to market, products that they both thought were sorely needed: trainer cleaners, protectors, dyes, paints, glues to keep your sneakers in pristine condition or bring your battered grails back to life. They've spent the past 2 years working alongside award winning industry professionals on perfecting the best materials and formulas for their products and whenever possible they source these locally and responsibly. 

If you're the do it yourself kind of guy, you can buy professional cleaning kits form the SneakersER website - they have everything you will need to keep your kicks fresh as the day you first bought them.


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