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4 Truly Non-Iron Shirts

Ever bought an ‘easy iron’ shirt or a ‘non-iron’ shirt only to find that it was one big crinkled lie. Ironing a shirt is a chore that many of us try to avoid at all costs. It’s a frustrating job and many men wish they could actually just machine wash their shirts, hang them up to dry and simply wear them. This is actually possible and some shirt labels have actually achieved the true non-iron status. When it works, it’s a beautiful thing! Here’s 4 that we’ve tried out that we highly recommend.

T.M.Lewin The Ultimate Non-Iron Shirt 

The new Non-Iron Shirt by T.M.Lewin is no ordinary non-iron shirt. It’s the Ultimate Non-Iron for modern professionals who want all the luxurious softness, style, fabric and fit of a really fantastic quality shirt - but don’t ever want to have to iron it... ever! The secrets in a special coating applied to every inch of the 100% cotton fabric, even the seams. Each shirt is then heated up to extremely high temperatures so that the technology can work its magic.

Land’s End No Iron Supima Shirt 

The no iron pinpoint takes a quantum leap in silkiness. Want dressier dress shirts? Start with better fabrics. This No Iron Pinpoint is pure Supima cotton — the top 3% of the U.S. cotton crop. This yarn has the same ultra-fine ‘80s’ width as the label’s previous shirt, but now it has fewer fiber “ends” thanks to Supima’s exceptional length. It’s smoother and stronger than ever. Along with the No Iron finish that makes this a wrinkle-free shirt all day, they build in a couple of additional features. First, wicking, to increase your comfort on muggy days. And stain release to keep the shirt looking new for longer.

Charles Tyrwhitt Non-Iron Shirt 

Unlike the non-iron fabric of old, proper non-iron shirt fabric should be made of 100% two-ply cotton so it feels as comfortable as regular shirt fabric. That means it should not contain any man-made fibres such as polyester and so should feel luxuriously soft against the skin. The 'non-iron magic' in proper non-iron shirts doesn't come from the fibres themselves, but from the special treating process which involves subjecting the finished shirt to high temperatures. This ensures that when the shirt is hung up to dry after washing, it stays remarkably crease-free.

Thomas Pink Traveller Shirts 

A unique fabric engineered with a special finish to minimise creasing and a two-fold 100s cotton to keep you looking crisp and cool, Thomas Pink’s new Traveller Shirt is the quintessential shirt for the stylish traveller. Designed for the man on the go, the two-fold cotton keeps you cool and the special finish reduces the need to iron, so you will step off the plane looking as sharp as when you took off.


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