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Introducing Qwstion, The Ultimate Commute & Leisure Bag

It's taken awhile but I believe I've found the perfect bag that fuses functional utility with high fashion. Qwstion is a Swiss brand whose bags are designed with the modern metropolitan individual and his demand for mobility and flexibility in mind. After recently road-testing the Qwstion Overnighter bag this week I've come to appreciate the brand's versatility.

The Commute 

Being English, I normally like to apologize as I enter the room, no matter the occasion. So of course when integrating into a heavily congested underground train, I’m always terribly self-conscious that I'm taking up too much room. My previous commute bags have been cumbersome at best, yet this Overnighter is compact and boiled down to the essence. Like a Scandinavian Weather Girl, it has zero fat and is easy on the eye. With the multiple carrying options you can swing it over your shoulder and be on your way (The bag, not the weather girl). It has an integrated laptop pocket as well as water-repellent coatings on the outer shell.


Qwstion's philosophy for branding is in keeping with my own. It is 'Anti-logo', subtle and unassuming. There are a couple of Qwstion branded metallic studs, but aside from that, the bag really speaks for itself. I plummed for the honey mustard, partly in fact because it's my second favourite condiment. Unfortunately it didn't come in Dill. Like its Big Brother the Weekender, it comes in a variety of colours, the Organic Navy Duotone is also a standout piece and will announce your arrival.

Qwstion Overnighter Bag
Qwstion Overnighter Bag


Qwstion bags are designed and developed in Zürich, whilst production is outsourced to a small factory in Hongkong that’s run by its owners. Upon further research I was pleased to learn the factory is a member of BSCI (Business and Social Compliance Initiative), an EU initiative that ensures European standards of working conditions in Non-EU countries. Qwstion use renewable resources wherever possible, the shell materials are natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp and linen and their leather is vegetable tanned to avoid pollution. So overall, this bag is greener than Russell Brand's window-box whilst remaining stylish and robust.

Qwstion have a wide collection of bags, one to suit any occasion. The Simple Bag collection offers a great alternative for the rambler looking to take on the great outdoors armed with a book and a bottle of wine. The Shopper Bag collection is actually a classic tote with twist-lock closure, offering security and like the Overnighter you can also wear it as a backpack - so you can still shop till the credit card runs out, even if you’re on the road with your bicycle. Other accessories such as 100% organic cotton canvas Travel Wallets, Toiletry Kits and Pencil Cases are also available through their website


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