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My absent-minded Brother recently left his e cigarette in my car by mistake. Curiosity got the better of me and after unfurling the leather pouch I noticed it was stocked with a variety of extenders, silencers, banana clips, telescopic sights, throwing stars, a plethora of international passports and 100,000 in non-sequential bills, split between 10 currencies. It then dawned on me this wasn't a Vaping kit at all, but an assassin’s suitcase!

Of course I jest, it was a vaping kit, loaded with e-liquids, replacement coils, polycarbonate tanks what have you. The point is I became enlightened into what has now become a ubiquitous phenomenon; the world of Vaping. There are vaping communities, events like Vape Jam (see video below) in the UK, bars and cafes popping up where once Woolworths stood and active forums (POTV, UKVapers) unlike the relics of the 90s.

So my interest peaked and when I reunited my Brother with his Hitman-esque e cig, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I started with the Havana Gold which allowed me to nostalgically reminisce the first ten years of my life spent in the trail of his Fathers cigar as we circled the pubs and arcades on the Great Yarmouth strip. Amazingly there was no passion fruit! Considering Passion Fruit has made into shower gel, porridge, flavoured water, etc.. I can only assume that passion fruit has closed its doors to the Vaping community. 

Instead I sampled the sumptuous sweet delights of Pink Lemonade, the Cinnamon and the Strawberry Whip Dripper by Element E Juice. My Brothers kitchen was beginning to smell like a Bassett's Factory (and by no means is that a bad thing) so we moved on to what my Brother referred to as 'top shelf'. The Oceanus eLiquid by Mystique. It sounded like the name of Optimus Primes' sidekick, (Oceanus transform and roll out!). It was rich with a minty finish, assertive but not pushy. This is what I found to be the biggest attraction, the guilt-free indulgent in the art of flavour refinement. When you consider the other end of the smoking scale is my estate agent, a 30 a day man that smells like he's just stepped out of fifties speak-easy.

It seems these are all courtesy of Vape Club, according to a carefully placed business card, thanking my brother for his custom. Indubitably and likewise, kind Sirs. Hoping to find myself part a secret vaping society called The Vape Club, I discovered they were the next best thing (and on reflection, most obviously...) and an electronic cigarette shop where my brother goes. You can find them at their site vapeclub.co.uk or twitter of facebook.

Oh and try the Elements range and Oceanus too by clicking those links. Thank me later. Vape On as they.. someone.. he.. she.. say.


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