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Introducing The World’s First Facewear Design

I knew from the tender age of 8, when my brother Simon would sneak into my shoebox-sized bedroom as I slept, stealthily parking his naked arse cheeks across the bridge of my nose before unloading his meaty air-biscuits that had Guinness notes with a marmite finish, that my senses would inevitably feel pain in this world. If like me you're wary of the elements, been perpetually tormented by nature’s wrath or watched Tom Hardy in the Dark Knight Rises and thought "I quite like what he's rocking there," then here's the news you've been waiting for.

The world's first ever facewear product, 'Limited Collection N°1' – a bold blend of science and style from Freka. Ergonomically crafted to deliver extraordinary comfort, harnessing the contours of the face, Freka Limited Collection N°1 is a truly luxury solution that works to enhance and improve every breath. Facewear is becoming ubiquitous on the streets of China due to the high levels of smog, but now the London city-dweller can breathe easy in style too without having to bury their nose on the inside of their jacket. And there's good news for Hay-Fever suffers too. The Freka facewear is tailored for contoured fit and even pressure distribution. Which means it enables protection from pollen, dust and other macro-particles.

Freka Designer Frank Borsboom said, “We have spent a lot of time carefully studying the face to create something incredibly unique that truly defines the meaning of facewear. considering our face is the most complex and sensitive part of our body, we feel we have just tapped into the limitless possibilities of facewear and look forward to expanding our collection beyond 'Limited Collection N°1'.” 

In addition to protection from airborne pollutants Freka facewear offers added benefits to the consumer; stylish minimal aesthetic, ergonomic design and the scent of Japanese wood to calm the senses.


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