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Discover Monsieur Fox

Elegance is something that can be created with just the details of an outfit. Adrian Azodi; founder of men’s accessory brand Monsieur Fox believes luxury is a staple. Rather than sticking to the norms of everyday wear of formal, business or casual it’s about playing around with all three. Monsieur Fox is an ode to the gentleman; while keeping a refined style he is someone who dresses well but is also well liked and well mannered. The brand strives on dressing in the details, where they come into play; they make high quality luxury menswear accessories.

An extension of this is they create stories within their collections in unique designs and colours to capture and relate to their market. If you take a look at their Instagram page and or their website you can see a range of colourful images imprinted into their pocket squares and ties - perfect for added details to an everyday outfit. They're all designed in house and the pocket squares, ties and scarves are handcrafted in Southern Italy while the lapel chains and cufflinks are made in Dubai.

So with this in mind, delving into the brand’s history you come to understand how much inspiration goes into creating their pocket squares which makes the brand personal and gives it depth. So, with each new range we see a journey of discovery which is then captured into a print. In the latest collection ‘Quest of the Daimyo’ Monsieur Fox has taken inspiration from the bygone era in Japanese history. With the upcoming Autumn Winter season expect to see something new and unusual. With the Japanese history entwined into their collection; founder Adrian explains that at the time in Japan it was illegal for its inhabitants to travel; in particular to the West. However, with a few hidden secrets they came to learn several groups were recruited and secretly sent by Daimyos regional leaders to London to study and bring their findings back to Japan.

Whilst doing this, the students were told to integrate into the city and delve into the culture surrounding them. This alone would have been hard enough for many. Adrian elaborated that this began as a really interesting story for them and a great way to start combining language barriers and cultural differences. For those Japanese kids in London, wearing clothes they hadn’t worn before in unfamiliar surroundings, would want something to remind them of life back home while still conforming to their new British lives. So with this is mind the pocket squares in the ‘Quest of the Daimyo’ collection are a small detailed creation of these memories without drawing too much attention.

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