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5 Fashion Kickstarter Campaigns worth Investing In

As previously discussed on MWS, we are now living in an age of 'crowdfunding' where the public are put in control of pledging money towards brands and products which they believe are worthy of a place in the consumer market. We recently looked at projects which have been hugely successful due to crowdfunding, however I wanted to highlight 5 Kickstarter brands, in the UK, which are currently 'live' and in need of some assistance in support. Having riffled through a lot of different products, I believe the ones below deserve your pledges and shouldn't be missed out. Be quick though, there isn't a huge amount of time left for these ones. Don't miss your chance!

SunGod Revolt Goggles 

It is that time of year when people will be starting to think about potentially booking a trip to the mountains to hit some snow. An impressive project on Kickstarter comes from a company who have previously focused on the production of sunglasses. SunGod have now put forward a new design of Ski/Snowboard goggles, Sungod Revolts, which they claim are "the world's first interchangeable, fully replaceable goggles". Their aim is to produce a pair of goggles which are top quality but at a decent price point. The flexible TPU frame means they mould onto your face providing a highly comfortable fit. There are 6 lens tints and 12 strap designs available for you to create a bespoke design exactly to your liking.

Unity Utility Belt 

Unity are looking for pledges to help raise money for the their hard-wearing and heavy duty utility belt. Handmade in Yorkshire these simple but beautifully crafted belts are supposedly guaranteed to last you a lifetime. This belt can be worn as part of your daily casual attire or it can be used in many different ways as a piece of urban equipment. The Utility Two Eight had a 28mm Cobra clip with a break load rated at 18KN so there is no way the buckle will let you down. The Utility Three Eight, designed more for outdoor adventures, has a heavier duty buckle with a 38mm Cobra buckle. The largest belt, the Five Zero comes with a 50mm buckle. Hip pouches can be easily attached and they can also be strapped across the body to aid carrying a camera or work tools. These belts are definitely designed for man who is fond of his DIY!

LeRouxWear Cycling Hoodie 

If you are an avid cycler in the city with a good sense of style but find it difficult to decide what to wear on your commute to work, you should definitely consider pledging towards this hoodie from LeRouxWear. They have come up with a simple but trendy design focusing on the 'revival of the original spirit of the sweatshirt.' A lot of thought has been put into the design of this piece with each hoodie comprising of multiple pockets, earphone access, mitt gloves for wind-resistance and a neck warmer attached inside. Cycling safety is obviously key but it is great to see a smartly designed sporty hoodie which means you will stand out for the right reasons. The hoodie is long in length at the back, and short at the front to maximise comfort for your ride. T-shirts are also available with their modern black and white artwork on the front.

Boston and Stewill - Tourer II 

For you men out there that take pride in their timepieces, look no further than this stunning watch from Boston and Stewill. The stand-out sleek design of the main body and the vintage face of these watches sets them apart from many other designs in the market. The original design idea stems from the speedometers found in classic race cars. The normal 1-12 numbers for each hour has even been replaced by 10-120 representing the measurement of speed. The dials are available in three colours, cream, white and black and the straps come in either black or brown perforated leather. It is obvious these watches are of an extremely highly quality with a double dome glass face, discrete stainless steel butterfly clasp and a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement. There is a really nice added touch with the crown sitting at the 12 o'clock position. The Tourer II is definitely a piece which can confidently compete with the more well-known high-end watches out there. With not much time on the clock left for pledges for this potentially exciting brand, I would highly recommend you consider investing. It would be a great shame to see a watch design like this disappear and I can guarantee if you were to wear one of these on your wrist, there would be multiple compliments thrown your way.

Ohyo Multi-Purpose Bag 

I think men still struggle sometimes when it comes to the decision as to whether it is cool or not to carry a bag. The episode of Friends with Joey's 'man-bag' automatically springs to mind. We understand you guys like to keep it simple and would rather not carry around too much. However sometimes it is unavoidable and the Ohyo bag is the perfect solution. This multi-purpose waterproof bag can be folded and clipped in order to change its size and therefore can be used to carry your laptop in the morning, but carry your groceries home after work. It can even be transformed from a backpack into a weekend bag. It is an incredibly simple but very clever idea. It is available in black, green or grey and each comes with a leather-trimmed strap. This bag is definitely not one to be embarrassed about!


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