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Skincare Tips for Men with Busy Lifestyles

Our lives are becoming busier and more demanding in not just our work lives but our social lives too. This has an impact on both your skin and your health if you don’t take care of it in the way you should. Living in a busy city can also have an effect on your skin since we are opposed to unclean air, so keeping it clean will make you feel and look fresher. Since men like to keep these ‘beauty’ regimes as quick and minimal as possible it’s tempting to just wash your face with water but this doesn't tackle problem areas and ultimately it can actually be worse for your skin.

So first and foremost you must cleanse twice a day with a good facial cleanser (not just a bar of soap). We’re exposed to so much bacteria throughout the day from pollution and dirt from our hands. If you don’t wash your face properly it becomes a breeding ground for more problems, such as black heads. The main factor you need to take into consideration when purchasing a cleanser is what skin type you have - generally men have oilier skin than women so you can use products which are a little stronger. A daily facial scrub is a perfect product for those who suffer with oily areas and if you have sensitive skin then opt for something lighter and smoother like a cleansing foam for either normal or dry skin.

If you suffer from breakouts the best products to use are tea-tree oil based cleansers as they tackle oily skin and reduce blemishes if used regularly. Secondly, exfoliate. You don’t need to do this every day just two or three times a week to remove any dry and dead skin. It takes just a few extra minutes but will leave your skin feeling fresher and brighter throughout the day. Most men shave their faces and although shaving can remove any dead skin it can also clog up your razor.  

Which leads onto the next point, moisturise! Exfoliating can dry out your skin so it’s important you must use this after an exfoliator and also in your daily regime to protect against fine lines and wrinkles. Although some of you are probably thinking moisturising is for women, you actually need this more because shaving leads to dry skin. Also, think about the fact that the sun can dry your skin out equally as much as the cold winter months, so you need to use this all year round. It’s also best to choose a moisturiser which contains SPF to protect against sun exposure.

Lastly, eye creams and lip balms. Tired eyes can eventually lead to wrinkles around the soft area so you need to protect it and keep it hydrated. Your lips also need just as much care. During the winter season our lips become dry and can crack easily. As we get older the collagen reduces so they lose elasticity which means it’s harder for them to heal. But to keep them at bay from drying out simply use a soft fragrance free lip balm overnight.


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